10 WWE legends who need to be in WWE 2K16

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WWE 2K16 dives through the ring ropes and into consoles in October this year. Following some exciting announcements made regarding gameplay updates at Gamescom, it looks set to be a vast improvement on its predecessor.

One of those announcement highlights is the expansion of the main roster to 120 unique characters, which will undoubtedly leave players with tons of choices among their favorite grapplers they compete with.

With such an immense roster, it is unquestionable that some talent from WWE's illustrious past will be made available to stride through the curtain and compete with the current superstars and divas that entertain on a nightly basis.

This nostalgia value is a major selling point for longtime fans of professional wrestling, as they get to assume the role of some of the most legendary names to ever grace the squared circle and relive the work of their beloved heroes. 

However, even with such an extensive selection of characters, the inclusion of most of today's athletes and young upstarts from NXT, there will have to be a limit on the number of these former stars that can grace this latest installment of the enduring franchise. Stone Cold Steve Austin, as the cover star of the game, is already guaranteed a slot, as likely will a number of part-time veterans such as Triple H, The Rock, and The Undertaker.

So, as a passionate wrestling fan and a perennial buyer of the WWE series of video games, here would be my 10 picks for legends to feature in WWE 2K16.

Published Aug. 10th 2015

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