Beginners Tips for Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Getting started in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is easy but winning takes a bit of time so following these easy tips!

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is a new mobile game from Dutch developers Paladin Studios, and it is the latest in a long line of successful mobile games from the studio. It is a collectible card game that has some unique mechanics to set itself apart from the rest of the mobile CCGs out there.

The idea of the game is to move your forces across a small 4x4 board towards your opponent's base. There is no difficult to understand combat mechanics. Basically, if you have more soldiers on a square in front of or next to an opponent, you will destroy them. Some cards will spawn more soldiers, while some are instant attacks that will damage an opponent's forces, buildings, or base. Compared to other CCGs out there, Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is easy to understand and has a no-fuss style about it.

As there are a few new things about this game, we've put together this little beginners guide to Stormbound: Kingdom Wars to help you get started and make sure that you keep winning.

Hold Your Line

The way to get ahead in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is to always advance and hold your line. Similarly, you need to make sure that your opponent's line does not move, or that it stays far away from your base.

Every turn, your troops will advance. Each time you do, your line will move forward. This line dictates where you can place new soldiers, so you want to make sure that your line is as forward as possible. Obviously, your opponent can destroy your frontline troops -- which could move your line back to soldiers further back in the field.

Using buildings to hold the line

You want to make sure that there are buildings in your deck. They obviously can't move, but can be a real bonus to making sure your frontline stays protected. Each building will have a certain number of hit points -- and when opponent soldiers attack it, they will destroy any unit that comes under those hit points. Some buildings also spawn new soldiers every turn. Placing a building right on your front line will buy you more time to get reinforcements in the field.

Keep on Top of your Deck

When you start playing, you will come to realize that there are different themed decks you will collect along the way. The deck you start with is made up entirely of neutral cards that can be used in any other deck you wish to create. Once you start earning gold coins and getting card books, you will get more and more themed cards.

Each deck consists of 12 cards. A good deck-building plan to follow would be to have only one or two high-cost cards and three or four 2-3 cost cards in your deck. This means that you are likely to be able to play two cards at once the first round, meaning that you can get the upper hand quickly. You also want to make sure you have one or two instant damage cards and/or buildings.

Even though the deck has a relatively small amount of cards in it, you keep drawing cards no matter how many you have already used. Because you can only have 4 cards in your hand at once, there's a feasible chance you can use them all in one go when you get to the point of having 11 mana!

Safety in Numbers

One way to own the battlefield is to swamp your opponent in troops. There are ample cards that grant extra troops, and these are "must have" cards in any deck. Such cards include Dreadfauns from the Swarm of the East (which spawn more troops), or Emerald Towers from the neutral cards (which reinforces troops that are placed in front of it). The more troops you have out, the better chance you have of moving your line forward and resisting your opponents attacks. 

Upgrade your Cards

If you like a certain card and don't want to swap it out of your deck for a stronger card, you can always upgrade the card. To do this, you need to have duplicates of said card. If you don't, then there is the possibility of upgrading cards using the green triangular fusion stones and red rubies.

Take heed of these few tips and soon you'll be winning duel after duel in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars. Make sure you check back with us for new developments in-game and more guides in the future!


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Published Oct. 2nd 2017

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