Don't Panic: Sex Games ARE Being Made For Oculus Rift

Not Suprisingly, Oculus Rift Sex Games are here.

Humanity is amazing. Something that makes us stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom is our imagination. Our imagination got us out of caves and into luxurious, palatial studio apartments. Technology has advanced from the wheel, to space tourism. Our imagination can do some wonderful things.

When it's not thinking about naked people.

In Japan, some game developers made the VR Tenga. A conglomeration of equipment melded together to form the sex toy to end all sex toys. The machine uses basic gaming software, the Oculus Rift headset, and various other... apparatuses. The video below shows a man using this contraption (fully clothed) as a few other guys watch (naked... just kidding). I'm still labelling it NSFW because of YouTube's restriction on the video.

I'm not surprised by this news really. I think almost any new technology has two questions asked of it before the public uses it: Can I kill people with this, or can I have sex with this? I think the bigger question is what the public opinion of the Oculus Rift will be, knowing sex games could become a part of its library.

Ah, the human mind. A wonderful, mysterious fig.

What do you guys think of Oculus Rift being used for sex games? Will it affect its overall appeal on the gaming market?


My name is Steve. I consider myself a casual gamer but lover of nerd culture. Things interest me I don't even understand half the time.

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Published Nov. 17th 2013
  • Just why_2982
    Okay, I'll ask the really important question:

    What is up with these people who fantasize about cartoons?
  • Steve Lawton
    I won't judge fetishes. Everyone likes something i suppose. I wonder who would play (is it even something you "play"? Is it a game?) this in front of a group of other dudes watching.

    And why are all those dudes watching?

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