Five Games to Hold You Over For Super Mario Run on Android

Rayman Adventures 

Developer: Ubisoft

Aah, Rayman. Ubisoft's disjointed, French answer to Mario... and a great one at that. Why isn't Rayman more well known to the public? A question for another time. Next on this list is Rayman Adventures

Rayman really is, in its most basic form, very similar to Mario, and as such, his mobile game Rayman Adventures works as a great way to hold over til the release of Super Mario Run. Rayman Adventures has players running around in a game very similar to Rayman Legends, so fans of the series pretty much know exactly what they're getting into.

This game actually has tons of levels and things to do. A feature that many Rayman games have been known for as of late is being filled to the brim with content and this Android game is no exception.

Published Dec. 23rd 2016

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