Crusaders Quest Update

There is a new Champion System which includes Supply Heroes you can use to power up and level up your champions!

Crusaders Quest is a free RPG (role-playing game) and action mobile game available on Android and iOS. The world of Hasla is being destroyed, and you must fight through waves of monsters to save the Goddess and destroy whoever is behind this destruction.

In this game, you gather a team of up to 200 heroes to find your way through the quest. And that's being made a little easier with come new content updates rolling out. 

Here are some of the new updates to help you on your quest:

  • New Champion System - There are 2 new champions, Kurenai and Remi, to accompany your team. You can supplement the power of your champions and level them up with the new Supply Heroes.
  • 5 New Soulbound Weapons - Lionel (Sign of Darkness), Athena (Blessing of Ares), Spiny (Block Buster), Benjamin (Heaven's Code) and Aria (Signs of Starlight)
  • Game System Improvements - Upgrading is easier and faster. Matchmaking potential in the PVP Colosseum is better. New illustrations added to the Library.
  • Final Floor in the Fortress of Souls - Fight against Soltar on the final floor! Gather Iron, Crystals, and Old Weapons from this level.

New Champions from other locations will appear in the future!


Published Jul. 25th 2016

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