Twitch beats fighting simulator Punch Club in less than two days

The Twitch community was given the challenge of beating the fighting simulator Punch Club. And they have done it in less than two days.

Two days ago, Tiny Build Games, developer of Punch Club, gave Twitch a challenge; beat their game and they would release it early on Steam.

Well, Twitch has delivered on that challenge. In just 36 hours, the Twitch community had beaten the fighting sim with more than 70,000 people helping out on the stream throughout the last day and a half. 

Twitch users were able to control the stream by using a hashtag voting system. Every game option, be it going to the gym or getting something to eat, was marked with a hashtag followed by a command. With this Twitch users were able to get their fighter a girlfriend, get him sent to jail and get him to the top of the Prison League while selling some uranium on the side.

As promised, Tiny Build Games has released Punch Club on Steam today for $10. So are you going to be picking up this fighting sim? Let us know in the comments below. 



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Published Jan. 9th 2016

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