The game Kanye would make of his own life

Kanye West is a larger-than-life individual, so it makes sense he would get his own video game in some alternate reality. This is what it would be.

Kanye West recently made some comments on how he ended up getting into the music world. Apparently, the cocky rapper began by making beats for his own video game, which featured the player character as a large penis fighting against evil vaginas.

It sounds exactly like the type of game Kanye would make, honestly.

With that in mind, we decided it would be a good idea to explore exactly what type of a game Kanye West would create if he were trying to make one about his own life. Obviously it would feature the player getting a lot of money, and then losing it all to the debt collectors.

So, to kick things off, the player would obviously being taking on the role of the iconic rapper himself. Seeing as Kanye just dropped his atrocious clothing line, we imagine you could dress in the finest of duds from his personal collection. This will make you appear pretty normal to start, but as you gain more money from various enterprises within the video game, you will progressively begin looking more and more homeless.

What Would These Enterprises Be, Though?

There are plenty of options here, though the mainstay one would be a rapper career, of course. Button smashing and timed combos could abound, with the player matching the correct button with the correct beat, a la Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

If that isn't enough, the player could begin designing their own clothing line. We've seen mobile titles with this type of gameplay in mind, so it could definitely work out and become popular. Once a specific outfit has been compiled, the player could choose the store they want to dispense the clothing line to and begin earning some dough.

What About Progression?

As we previously mentioned, your clothing and appearance could be the major portion of the game's progression. 

As you earn more money, increasing your record sales, acquire a platinum or gold album, or perhaps make a certain amount via your unique clothing line, more unlocks become available in the form of Yeezy's own real-world clothing concoctions. 

The End Game

We have always imagined Kanye West would make his own mobile title, which could possibly be played until the player grew bored and tired of the repetitive gameplay. 

Every good game has an end game, though, so Kanye's would have to be extravagant and out of this world to best everyone else.

Perhaps, after acquiring enough money and marrying Kim Kardashian, the player could purchase the entirety of New York City and rule the world.

Kanye West should absolutely begin working on a game like this, even if it just for mobile devices. We'd probably play it for a couple of hours, at least.

He does have one game on the way, but it is about his mother riding a unicorn. Not quite what we had in mind, but it checks out as appropriately Kanye-y.

Published Feb. 22nd 2016

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