9 Best Fallout 4 Total Overhaul Mods For The PS4

Wacky Weapons Workshop

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The lack of external assets really hampers weapon mods on the PS4, but one forward-thinking player put together something really interesting just by changing how weapons can be crafted.

Now you can put together just about any combination imaginable - including some that really shouldn't exist, like adding a fatman launcher to a revolver. Who doesn't want to launch nukes from their handgun? 

The mod also lets you manually add in multiple legendary effects to a wackified weapon, allowing you to craft some truly outrageous guns and melee weapons without having to kill legendary monsters and hope you randomly get something good.

Remember seeing some of the more bizarre robotic companions when Automatron first came out and laughing at how ridiculous some combos could become? Get ready for that, in weapon form.

Published Apr. 11th 2017

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