More Than 5 Million Copies Of Kingdom Hearts 3 Sold Since Release

Kingdom Hearts 3 has hit the ground running, selling more than 5 million copies and topping the UK gaming charts.

Among console gamers, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the current darling of the day. Fans of the Square Enix/Disney crossover JRPG have been waiting for this particular installment of the franchise for an extremely long time. And if the current sales numbers, social media chatter, livestreams, reviews are any indication, it was well worth the wait.

According to a post on the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, over 5 million copies of the game have been shipped worldwide. In fact, the game has done so well in the UK it knocked Resident Evil 2 down a peg, stealing the number one spot on the sales charts.

At a minimum sales price of $60 for the standard version of the game, Kingdom Hearts 3 has brought in over $300 million in sales.

Of course, that number doesn't account for individuals who spent $230 on the KH 3 Special Edition bundle or $80 on the Deluxe Edition. Nor does it take into account regional price variations or the cost to make and ship each individual copy.

Still, that's a heck of a lot of money in such a short time frame.

Considering the game's title, it may seem there's not too much to the Kingdom Hearts series. But longtime fans of the franchise know that's not the case. Kingdom Hearts doesn't consist of just three games but boasts 16 entries across a variety of platforms.

Granted, roughly six of those are remakes and collections designed to introduce new gamers to the series, but overall, it's impressive, especially impressive considering Square and Disney are telling the same story across all of the games.

Not only does the Kingdom Hearts series allow players to revisit their favorite characters from Square Enix's Final Fantasy games, it also allows them to spend time with the Disney characters they grew up with. The series also benefits from the fact that Square has done a good job crafting the games, making them fun to play and telling good stories.

So it probably shouldn't surprise anyone that Kingdom Hearts 3 is doing so well.

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Published Feb. 6th 2019

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