5 Awesome Moments From The Saints Row Series Vol. 1

  1. They Live – Saints Row IV

Okay, for those of you who thought that this was the ultimate surprise in the game, please raise your hands.

Yeah, same here.

After Keith David (yes -- the actor himself) aligns himself with Zin and the rest of the aliens in Saints Row IV, the main character is out for revenge.

However, once the main character manages to convince Keith of the error of his ways, causing him to turn his back on the aliens, Zin uses his powers to sends both of them to parts unknown.

When the main character finally meets up with Keith, he is found fighting with... "Rowdy" Roddy Piper?! Yeah, weird right? An actual re-enactment of the fighting scene from the film, They LiveThey even destroy a satellite dish like at the end of the movie.

I don't know how Piper got a role in this, but this was awesome.

Published Nov. 2nd 2017

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