5 Awesome Moments From The Saints Row Series Vol. 1

  1. Waking Up – Saints Row IV

You have been beamed up by aliens to their spaceship, and you awaken to find yourself in an alternate universe where Zin has total control to change and manipulate things as he sees fit.

The main characters are now in a world where people are now glitchy, there are hotspots and towers everywhere, demonic and electronic monsters, and a whole lot of other sorts of craziness.

Not to worry, though, as the main character's super smart friend, Kinzie, is there to help. After they find a door that will lead the main character into the real world, he wakes up from a pod and escape while in the nude.

Now, why does that look familiar? Oh yeah, its the same thing that happened in The Matrix.

You might be wondering, "What ever happened to taking a red or blue pill?" Well, that happens right after the main character saves Matt.

Published Nov. 2nd 2017

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