League of Legends All Star Voting Now

The voting for the mid-season LCS All-Stars Tournament has begun! Vote for your favorite players now!

The League of Legends Championship Series is almost half over.  As promised at the start of the season, there will be several events taking place at this mid-point, and Riot Games has already begun the preliminaries for one of them: the All-Star Week.

Summoners can go to Riot's e-sports page to vote right now for the players from their region that they want to see be honored to represent them as All-Stars.  You vote for each role in the game and the top-voted player in each role will be placed onto a team to compete against the teams voted together from the other regions.

Being a North American player, the teams I have to vote between are TSM, Team Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, Curse, Team MRN, compLexity, Vulcum, and Good Game University.  This gives some very big-name options.  Dyrus, Saintvicious, Scarra, Voyboy, and well over a dozen other players who are all world-famous for their talents and personalities.

You can vote every day up until the final decision is made on April 15, so get voting to ensure your favorite players earn their place in the League of Legends All-Stars Week.

Published Apr. 4th 2013

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