5 Mobile Games that Are Great to Play with Autistic Children

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Being a father of an autistic child, I am always looking for new ways that my four-year-old son and I can spend time together and connect. Over the past two years, he has shown an increasing interest in video games. This comes as no surprise, given that autistic children often develop an interest in the likes of art and music.

While being unable to play them himself, my son gets tremendous enjoyment out of simply watching. I find that video games tend to relax him or improve his mood during times of frustration or sensory overload. But the problem I have always had when it comes to his interest in them is figuring out what games he enjoys. That is why with the help of my son, I have decided to write this list.

My son's response to these five games has been very positive. This may not be the case with all autistic children. as each child is very different. But out of dozens of games, here are the five mobile games that he responded to with the most positivity.

Please note that my son is unable to play video games himself and instead watches me playing them. He is also unable to speak, therefore his response to games is entirely through emotion, actions and sound.

Published Oct. 6th 2016

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