Warriors Orochi 4 Is Not Censored, Get a Grip

Wow, surprise: Warriors Orochi 4's not censored on PS4 or PC, the game's physics are just tied to FPS.

I've been having a blast with Warriors Orochi 4 (review pending). After Dynasty Warriors 9 broke my heart, it's nice to play a less experimental Musou game.

What's not nice is going through the community at large and seeing all these posts about how the breast physics are censored on PlayStation 4 and PC, when just an iota of testing on PC would tell you that: no, the game is not censored. The boobs just don't jiggle at 60fps.

If you go into your options on PC and turn Vsync down to 30fps from 60fps, you do in fact get jiggle at the menu.

I went ahead and tested it myself because, well.. Koei Tecmo doesn't really have a long history of censoring their games and I'm pretty fond of jiggle physics. There's not a lot to censor, really.

The following screenshots were taken on PC at 30fps. Her chest does in fact "make the rounds," as one might say. The animation is identical to the one seen on the Nintendo Switch.

I have the game on both PS4 and PC. Yes, it is true there is no jiggle on PS4 and most modern computers by default. You can't mess with your graphical options on console, but you can go ahead and gimp your FPS on PC if you are so intent on seeing Lianshi's dumb boobs bounce occasionally while you're poking around menus.

Of course, if you absolutely need your bouncing anime tiddies on console, you can just get it on the Nintendo Switch as it's locked at 30fps and has the jiggles.

It would be best if the gaming community would do some basic research before losing its mind over something so trivial, but in this day and age that seems to be a bit much for some. Find something worthwhile to bitch about, don't drag games that don't deserve it through the mud.

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Published Oct. 31st 2018

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