Indie puzzle game Cubway released on Steam

Indie puzzle game Cubway is discounted at 10 percent for this week on Steam.

Indie developer ArmNomads Games has released their puzzle game Cubway on Steam. The premise of the game is for players to guide a cube through a complex geometric environment that interacts with the cube's movements. Players move the cube across the screen, left to right, in an effort to complete tasks and avoid obstacles.

The game is supposedly based on the complex cycle of rebirth called Samsāra, a Sanskrit word meaning wandering. It usually refers to the recurring cycle of all life or reincarnation. Some think the term neatly sums up the ideology of the major Indian religions. Developers of Cubway say that this abstract term is what the game is about. Players of the game can visit many "interesting and mysterious places" in their journey through Cubway, according to the game's Steam page.

Cubway is now available for purchase from Steam and is for Windows, Mac, and Linux system. Until August 18th, the game is discounted by 10%.

Published Aug. 12th 2016

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