Ranking the Hitman Episodes from Worst to Best

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5. Marrakesh

This whole level takes place during a riot, and has you kill Claus Hugo Strandberg and General Zaydan.

When I first played this, I absolutely hated this level. The crowded streets seemed like I was in a labyrinth, getting to Zaydan was tough because the location that he was present at was full of soldiers, and the Swedish embassy was almost impossible to enter due to tight security (not to mention trying to find Claus since he moved all over the place and every room looked almost the same to me).

I had to replay this mission several times in order to map out my route, or wait for the perfect opportunity to kill my targets.

The map itself is pretty big, but since there are so many people (and when I say many, I mean a lot... like, really a lot...), it looks like it's pretty small.

On a positive side, one opportunity that I enjoyed was pushing a toilet onto Zaydan's head!

Published Nov. 1st 2016

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