Kleptocats stolen items description guide (Part 2)

Your cats can't stop stealing, but at least they're stealing for you! Take a look at all the things that they'll bring back for your empty bedroom!

(Wait! This is the second half of the Bedroom Inventory list! If you think some items seem to be missing from this article, that's because the rest are listed here!)

In this popular Hyperbeard mobile game, the point is to grow your small legion of devoted furry felines so that they can:

  1. Set out into the world and steal other people's worldly goods to properly stock up your empty bedroom.
  2. Hang around and play with all the new toys they've proudly "freed" from lesser owners. 

How to Start Collecting

There are 162 inventory items available for your cats to collect for your bedroom. In order to collect them all send your kitty out on a theft mission (this will take about 10-15 minutes usually). If you're lucky, they'll bring a brand new item to add to the room. 

(Note: As of the recent patch, your cats will no longer bring back duplicate items that are then exchanged for cash, they just bring back a sack of cash instead.)

Remember to max out your cat's affection (0-100% in the heart in the bottom right corner) by petting or feeding before you send it out, which increases your chances of new items. This is especially important since the most recent patch rolled around - it feels like your chances of getting new items have gone down. 

There are still a ton of references here... do you recognize them all?

Inventory Description
"MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)"
"My outcome doesn't look very favorable."
"Hey kitty, for real, what's with you and snakes?"
"Nice blanket."
"Just don't get any funny ideas."
"This creature lurks in the shadows."
"It's just a sticker, don't worry."
"Just some lights for the dark room."
"A broken clock is right twice a day."
"A mini swing, how fun!"
"This raidio is stuck in the same music station, they always play pop from the 80s."
"I wonder what kind of music this record plays?"
"A toy castle."
"Oh, you found the hidden snail!"
"Are you afraid of the dark?"
"Nothing to see here, just a normal mirror."
"An ancient warrior of the cat worshiper tribe."
"Oh, you found a hevafijdgeh."
"A dumpling... mmmm getting hungry."
"You can't hear the sea in it. It's broken."
"Just a cactus, with a face."
"Slingshots should be considered as weapons."
"The cat brought a hole for the floor. Yeah, that makes total sense."
"A little birdie called Dom."
"If you couldn't tell by the demon in the bottle, it is spicy."
"This moose is mini." 
"A machine built to toast bread." 
"HyperBeard dude, he likes to jump."
"If I..."
"... just ..."
"... right ..."
"Forgotten child."
"Another character from The Balloons."
"Do barrels roll?"
"Puddi puddi!"
"Above the lake."
"Below the mountains."
"Just follow the trail."
"The X marks the spot."
"You can use it to do research but most kids use it to burn ants."
"That doesn't look human, at all."
"Everyone has a Plumbus in their home."
"Is this an octopus or a cat?"
"It makes time travel possible."
"I have no way to know if it is a real spaceship or just a toy."
"All-seeing eye on a pyramid."
"A forgotten god."
"The rarest of them all."
"An invader from space."
"Hey kitty, you are naked!"
"Pink poop, that doesn't look good."
"You finally found him!"
"The Black Charro is part of our game Muertitos."
"Stinky pug, always farting. Likes to smell dogs butts."
"This brain is missing a piece."
"Experiment RDVS{R
"That phone... so familiar."
"Better than a sword for some knights."
"Look at me, I'm the captain now!"
"Celleste might be escaping some space bugs.'
"This monster wants to destroy the city."
"This robot is trying to stop the monster."
"Magic stone that grants wishes, or so they say."
"Symbol of a mighty alien race."
"The creature... I see it in games all the time."
"Cute star :)"
"We knew..."
"This key looks important."
"How curious. I could use one of those right about now."
"Who you gonna call?"
"This isn't shaped like a heart."
"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland."
"up, up"
"down, down"
"left, right, left, right"
"A space pirate's weapon of choice."


This isn't the end of the silly game and pop culture references nestled in pun-loving KleptoCats! Here's a sneak peak at some (but not all) of the stuff your cats start amassing for you in the living room!


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Published Jun. 20th 2016

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