Some of the Best Minecraft Jokes from the Facebook Community

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From GIFs and memes to animations and comics, Minecraft has built a fandom like no other. Here are some of the best jokes gathered directly from our Minecraft GameSkinny Facebook communities, GameSkinny Minecraft and Minecraft GS. Check out the header image on each slide for the question and read some of the awesome responses our community members came up with. 

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Best Answer: You're sick and tired of road construction and you say that in Minecraft, you could build this road in a matter of twenty minutes.

Runners Up:

  • You know every crafting recipe to everything.
  • You're reading this while playing Minecraft.
  • You rage when you die.
  • When you try punching trees for wood.
  • You make something and you look everywhere for a creeper.
  • Everything becomes blocky.
  • When someone steps on something that makes a crunchy sound and you instantly think it's a creeper.
  • When you see the world in block form in your dreams.
  • When every cool looking picture of a building turns into an, "I could so add that to my world" moment. 
  • You hear a creeper hissing, but the game is off. 
  • When you look at buildings and take ideas from the structure. 
  • Midnight turns into 6 a.m. 
  • When your eyes hurt. 
  • When you get hurt in the game and say "ow!" in real life.
  • Your pinky finger hurts because of holding the ctrl button too long while pvping.
  • When you just wanna scream, snatch the controller out of the other person's hand, and try to play with two controllers when the other player places one wrong block.

Best Answer: Are you a creeper? Because you blow me away.

Runners Up:

  • You're blocked from my Facebook.
  • You're looking round, dear. Are you feeling alright?
  • I dig you.
  • Are you a lever? Because you turn me on.
  • You are a real square.
  • I dig you. Will you lever be mine?
  • Do you use buttons? Because you sure push mine. 
  • You're mine.
  • You're my diamond girl.
  • Get the heck off my block!
  • Stop being a square.
  • He blocked her.
  • You blocked me! 

Best Answer: He had a blast.

Runners Up:

  • It bombed.
  • He was a blast!
  • The party was a blast.
  • It went off with a bang.

Best Answer: By running around the block. 

Runners Up:

  • Running, mining, building, and fighting off mobs
  • Punching trees
  • Slaying the ender dragon
  • Busting blocks 
  • Building houses
  • Running from mobs
  • Surviving 

Best Answer: He didn't. He teleported. 

Runners Up:

  • Because I looked in his eyes. Endermen don't play that shit.
  • Somebody looked at him.
  • To get to the Ender side.
  • To get off the block.
  • To go take the next block.
  • To go to the End.


Published Apr. 25th 2016

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