Auto Warriors Available in the App Store

This fictional post nuclear war era of 2016 has cars of the '80s and the most popular sport is RACING!

Gunjin Games' car combat RPGs (role-playing games), Auto Warriors, is now available for free on iOS. Auto Warriors is set in an alternate world of 2016, 30 years after a small nuclear exchange set off a sequence of social and environmental disasters that over took the planet. Technology has remained in the mid-1980s with cars and weapons based on '80s designs. However, the world is in a dirty, dangerous, and unrecognizable 2016.

The most popular sport is the Auto Warrior tournament, which is a series of battles held in old arenas across the plains, hosted by the social leader Baron. The storyline starts out with the player found by a passing Auto Warrior crew, left for dead after an ambush. The player surprisingly survives and will be put to the test again in the Auto Warrior tournament. 

Some Features to Expect:

  • Experience turn-based car combat
  • Upgrades
  • 150 single-player levels
  • Share you victories through a replay system
  • 1v1 and Fleet PvP modes
  • 2 gameplay modes offering events daily (Dealer Challenge and Mechanic Challenge)

You can download it now at the Apple Store.


Platforms iOSAndroid
Published Jul. 11th 2016

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