Guide to your gamer's heart: 5 ways to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable

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You have the perfect gift, maybe you have something special planned out, but you still need the cherry on top to create a truly memorable Valentine's Day.

The little things are what make for a truly magnificent Valentine's Day. Don't spend too much time stressing over the "perfect" day. Spend time with him or her and be open to spontaneous opportunities.

These small ideas will make any great Valentine's Day even better for you and that special gamer in your life.


Cook up a game-inspired dish

What foods are in his or her favorite game? Can you make a version of that in the real world? Do it! A special themed dish will let your partner know you're thinking about them this Valentine's Day.

Check out Rock Sirloin and more foods inspired by video games that you can make at home if you need ideas.

Stop by your local arcade

Or your local laser tag center. Make your gamer's Valentine's Day by going stopping somewhere special.

Maybe there is a game-themed bar or restaurant in your area to check out? There is an increasing number of places that cater specifically to gamers, anymore, and some of them may be doing something special for Valentine's Day.


Craft a Custom Valentine's Card

Print out or download assets and put together a custom card for that special person in your life. Be witty and creative with it if you're really familiar with their favorite games.

It's better if the card is custom tailored to each gamer. Everyone is unique, and a card made with their interests and aspirations in mind is deeply touching.

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Play together

Don't usually play video games together? Well, today's the perfect chance to give it a shot! Pick out a game you can play together for awhile. Don't give it any more than 20-30 minutes if it fails to capture your attention; you can always return again to try later with a different game.

If you play games together often, you probably don't want to be doing more of the same on Valentine's Day. Consider trying something different if you still want to game. Here are some suggestions:

  • a co-op game (Portal 2, Borderlands).
  • an online game (World of Warcraft, Minecraft).
  • a touching adventure game with conjoined input (Life is Strange, The Last of Us).
  • any game where you engage in jolly cooperation.

Actively avoid

  • competitive games (Super Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat).
  • single-player experiences (Dragon's Dogma, Bioshock).
  • simulation and management games (The Sims, Cities: Skylines).
  • any situation where it's them vs. you.

Build atmosphere

If you are spending any significant portion of Valentine's Day at home or in private with your partner, you may want to consider building an atmosphere a gamer can appreciate.

  • Put on (theme appropriate) game music.
  • Decorate your place with iconic video game characters, symbols, and environments.
  • Dress with one of their favorite character's color palette. You don't have to spend Valentine's Day in cosplay, just keep the primary and secondary colors in mind when you're picking out an outfit.

Any of these sprinkled into the day will show your partner how much you care about them and their interests.

However, beware of overdoing it - don't *just* make the day about him or her. This day is for the both of you, together.

In the end, your partner appreciates who you are; don't try to be someone else. Spring from these ideas to plan a Valentine's Day that you can enjoy together.

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Published Feb. 7th 2016

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