E3 2014: Everything We Know About Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 keeps the same formula from the first game but adds a more lighthearted tone, a larger world map, smarter zombies and an emphasis on killing zombies in the most fantastic way possible.

The original Dead Island attempted to be a serious game about a zombie outbreak on an island resort but the sequel seems to be taking a more lighthearted approach to fighting the undead.

Techland, the development team behind the first two titles in the series, will not be working on Dead Island 2. Instead Techland has chosen to work on Dying Light with publisher Warner Bros. A new developer, Yager Development, is working on the title and despite the change in tone and developers they've kept Dead Island 2 pretty similar to the earlier titles.

Dead Island 2 will put more focus on killing zombies in spectacular ways and having fun with it. Players will be able to kill the undead by luring them towards explosives such as propane tanks or damaged cars and setting them off. There will also be other traps like dilapidated houses where furniture and fixtures can be dropped on the undead. Zombies in Dead Island 2 can be lead from one area to another using sounds such as car alarms, radios and other loud noises to attract hordes of the dead.

Players will also get to roam all of California in their fight against the undead. In-universe the entire state has been quarantined and the majority of its citizens turned into mindless ghouls. The player is one of the few people immune to the virus and he/she joins a band of other people who aren't affected by it.

Dead Island 2 Promises a Larger, Lighter and More Colorful Experience

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The game will also allow players to upgrade their own weapons like the earlier titles but without needing a workbench. From what's been shared so far players will still be smashing, slicing and shooting the undead but now they'll also have the option of herding zombies together for mass slaughter. 

With a current release window of Spring 2015 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC Dead Island 2 should be an awe-inspiring way to live out your greatest zombie survival fantasies. 

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Published Jun. 15th 2014

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