Broken Launch Titles Reason for The Witcher 3 Delay

A developer for The Witcher 3 doesn't want the game to be plagued with bugs like other recent big title releases.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed for a second time, and the developers explain other popular titles that have had game-breaking glitches at launch is the reason behind it.

CD Projekt RED Board member Adam Kicinski said that the gaming public is turned off by all the problems of "badly polished games" recently released. They needed to take the time to fix them all in The Witcher 3.

"There's a lot of small errors though, because the game is huge. It's the only reason behind the delay...We don't want to release the game with bugs that undermine the gameplay."

Originally to be released in the fall, The Witcher 3 was pushed back to February 2015. However, Kicinski said that date was set too early. The game is now set to release on May 19, 2015, on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It's a good move from the developer to delay the game. Games like Driveclub and Assassin's Creed Unity are some of the titles that had lots of bugs in them. Seeing graphical glitches can be funny, but demoralizing to people who spend all their time and hard work into a game they want to be proud of.

The Witcher 3 is published by Warner Bros. in North America.

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Published Dec. 10th 2014

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