The Top 5 Cutest Indie Games of 2018

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Ok, so Moss may stretch the definition of "indie" just a bit -- its developer, Polyarc, was formed by three ex-Halo and Destiny developers and funded by over $3 million in seed money -- but it is firmly within the realm of adorable. 

The PlayStation Virtual Reality exclusive brings players down to the perspective of its teeny protagonist, a young mouse named Quill, as you help her explore lush environments, solve puzzles, and fight a newly awakened evil that's taken root in her otherwise quiet home. All the while, your identity as the player, an "other" in her world, is apparent in your manifestation as a masked figure or floating orb. 

You won't have to wait long to get your hands on this cute adventure -- it's slated to come out next month.


Are there any upcoming releases you think could thrash these titles in a cute-off? Post your picks below. Or if you're interested in other indie game suggestions (of all aesthetic varieties), you can check out more of our content here.  

Published Jan. 13th 2018

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