SMITE Season 4 Guide: The Best Picks for Mid Lane

The Specialists: Janus & Ra

These two should also be familiar faces to long-time SMITE players, though maybe not exactly what first comes to mind given the emphasis on early game power we put in the mid lane with Zeus and Thoth. 

Janus and Ra probably aren't going toe to toe with the likes of Zeus or Thoth and coming out ahead very often (at least not in the early game, anyway). However, what they lack in raw power, these two specialist Mages more than make up for in other ways. 

Janus Mid

Janus has been a top mid pick ever since players began to understand the potential of his unparalleled mobility. No one can ever get somewhere as fast as the God of Portals and Transitions -- and they certainly can't bring their whole team along for the ride.

Initially, many players thought the floating magic robot might've seen his last days with the introduction of the Portal Demon near the Fire Giant pit. After all, why spend an entire pick when anyone can basically Janus ult their team to the FG by killing a relatively medium difficulty monster?

Of course, this actually increases Janus' importance on the Battleground - should your team lose control of the Portal Demon spawn, Through Space and Time is one of the few ways to get your team there as a unit in time to contest. 

Ra Mid

Ra has suffered a similarly unintuitive power boost as a result of changes in Season 4. While the headline of the season might as well read, "Combat healing nerfed to oblivion. Sell stock in bandaids and Guan Yu now", there's an interesting result of these changes that actually leave healers like Ra a little stronger than they were previously. 

Healing is certainly a powerful mechanic, and one of the most heated discussions in the game right now -- but most healing was taking place well outside of combat. One team would win a minor engagement, and while they made moves on objectives or regrouped, the resident Sylvanus, Ra, or Guan Yu would top their allies off to keep everyone fresh and healthy for the next fight. 

In order to combat the immediate "nerfs" to healing, SMITE gave healers plenty of new toys to make their kits useful outside of the raw healing potential. Changes to the Imperial Helm family -- and in Ra's case his heal itself -- leave some healer gods and goddesses in more strategically advantageous positions than they were before the nerfs, all things considered.

While his Solar Blessing might not be exactly as powerful as it once was, it's still fairly close -- and now offers up to 30 free protections to any allies as well, giving himself and his allies what is close to a free tier 3 survival item when combined with Lotus Crown.


They might not be the best damage around, but Janus and Ra are the best (and in Janus' case really the only) at what they do, leaving these two specialists near the top of the picks for anyone making a run for mid lane all-star in SMITE's Season 4 Spring Split. 

Published Feb. 6th 2017

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