343 Industries Delay Matchmaking Patch and Fans React Accordingly

343 Industries Push Back Matchmaking Patch to make sure to cover all bases.

343 Industries has been working to repair the damage done by their games buggy Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Last week, we read that the studio who took over Bungie's titular game series was aware of the growing issues with their latest release. You can check out the original report here in my article from last week.

To the dismay of many gamers, 343 announced Nov. 17 that the patch that was set for Nov. 19 will be delayed till "later this week".

The developer goes on to say:

This content update includes a variety of fixes across the title, including Matchmaking performance issues, general UI and game stability improvements, as well as fixes for game-game specific issues in Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 2: Anniversary, and more. The full patch notes will be posted later this week, in advance of the content update release. 

Thank you for your continued patience.

Many gamers speculate that this setback is to ensure the new patch actually fixes what it is supposed to. However, reaction on the forums has been mixed, many are threatening to just put down the game and not come back while others are poised to wait in hopes that the fix will allow them to enjoy the collection.

Below is a sample of comments from the forums and some articles around the net:

Some folks are just trying to find the middle ground while feeling a bit lost.


While others are rallying against those who are hating on 343 in this upsetting time.


The prevailing attitude has surprisingly been the "Wait and See Approach"

Gamers have always been, at their core, opportunists. Getting the campaign out of the way gives more time to focus on the Multiplayer when the issues are fixed.


While the response to the news in other sections of the net have not been as respectful.

In the end, these choices will have their supporters and their doubters, we can never accurately predict how the majority will view the decision. We can say, however, that we hope that this patch will finally repair the damage that we saw in Halo: MCC's initial release.


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Published Nov. 18th 2014

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