2017 - The Year of Mario

Mario Party: The Top 100

Platform - Nintendo 3DS

1999 saw the debut of the now prolific, Mario Party franchise. Each game in the series had a set of levels which played out as board games. Players took turns to roll a dice and move just like real-life board games, except you'd stop once per turn for a mini-game. The mini-games were vast and all featured their own mechanics, which made for a consistently fresh experience.

You and three friends competed in these games over and over, collecting coins and stars until a winner was decided. With ten mainline entries, as well as a few spin-offs across multiple Nintendo consoles, the series has seen nearly 20 years of action, earning the title of the longest running mini-game series in video game history. 

Mario Party: The Top 100 capitalizes on the series' massive library of mini-games by compiling remakes of, what Nintendo believes to be, the best hundred games. Remember Hexagon Heat, Bumper Balls, or Bounce 'n Trounce? Those are but a few of the titles that make it into this entry. You can also group up with four friends in local multiplayer and battle it out together.

While this is a fantastic idea, and I love that Mario Party still persists as a popular series, this release was somewhat soured by the fact that it wasn't released on the Switch. We can only hope that it's because Nintendo are hard at work on a new Switch exclusive mainline entry in the Mario Party series. After all, the Switch seems perfect for these types of party games.

Published Dec. 2nd 2017

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