Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain Remastered Release Date

Quantic Dreams' memorable titles going to beautiful 1080p.

Were you unable to play Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain when they released? Well, that's okay because now they're coming to PS4!

Quanitic Dreams tweeted out earlier today that both of their titles will be getting a release date announcement very soon, most likely even sooner than expected for this upcoming holiday season. 

Heavy Rain, released in 2010, debuted only on the PS3. It's a gripping and grounded story about a serial killer who abducts children. The player controls four different characters as their lives revolve around the "origami" killer and his criminal behavior. The choices the players make affect the ultimate outcome of the story.

Beyond: Two Souls is Quantic's second PS3 outing and was released in 2013. This game was a lot more supernatural than Heavy Rain, in that it involved ghosts and parallel dimensions. It stars Jodie Holms, a young girl with an extraordinary gift of being able to summon a paranormal entity to help her. Beyond chronicles her life has she uses this power for bad and good, and in typical Quantic fashion the players' choices affect the outcome of the game.

Both Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain and due out on the PS4 very soon. 


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Published Sep. 23rd 2015

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