Persona 4: The Golden: Why It's Awesome

Every Day's Great Playing Persona 4: The Golden

Some may have played the original Persona 4 back in the days of Playstation 2, and it was a stellar game. Persona 4 managed to find a sweet spot in balancing its 'going to school living the life of a teenage high school student' with its addictive and complicated combat system. 

One would think porting this already amazing game over to a poorly selling Playstation Vita would be a bad idea right? Ha ha... WRONG! In comes Persona 4: The Golden, with better graphics, even more things to do and with all the awesomeness that made the original great, but on a smaller (actually better) screen.  No longer would the many hours of dungeon crawling and simulated high school dating and school work be contained to just our home consoles. 

So what makes Persona 4: The Golden so awesome? Watch the video above to find five things my friend and I found as our top things about Persona 4: The Golden. Not going to lie, it's more of a funny video making fun of the craziness and silly little things in Persona, but it all comes from the same great place of why Persona 4: The Golden is awesome. Enjoy.


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Published Feb. 3rd 2014

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