[FSHN] Sleeping Beauty Princess - GW2 Contest

Tchaikovsky's fairy tale Sleeping Beauty GW2-style.

I've always been a huge fan of Tchaikovsky's ballets--recently, I've been inspired by Sleeping Beauty. The imagery of thorns and plants curling around the castle, guarding a sleeping princess is just gorgeous, and I wanted to replicate that in Guild Wars 2, but with my own twist.

My goal was to make a fairy-tale princess outfit for my warrior while keeping the same thematic elements of Sleeping Beauty from both the Disney film and the old folk-tale. Her weapons are verdant because they have a cartoonish feel while keeping the plant element. When mounted on her back, the greatsword handle alligns perfectly with the desert rose making it look like a rose blade. Her outfit is primrose to make reference to Disney's Aurora. The above picture shows her posing next to the stained glass windows of her own Sylvan castle!

I tried to bring sleeping beauty back to life--if you come to the EB JP when you're facing tarnished coast, she'll be waiting to duel you as the protector of her very own fairytale castle! Hope you guys like it. Look for the tag [FSHN] (Fashion Able).

The Recipe

  • HoM Crown
  • Heavy Inquest Shoulders
  • CoF Chestpiece
  • Radiant Gloves
  • Orrian Legplates
  • Aetherblade Boots
  • Verdant Sword/Great Sword

The Colors

Primary Color is Pink (Primrose on boots) and secondary is Sea Breeze!


Published Aug. 11th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    Simply stunning!!!!!!! As a huge fan of Disney (who says we have to grow up!?) I love the inspiration, and can definitely imagine a warrior Aurora (although...her hair is blonde..! But I won't be too pedantic as I see you wanted to match the armour :p)

    I feel the verdant weapons suit your look also -- accentuates the fairy tale vibe.
  • Gnomegoddess
    She is great! Love the guild tag!

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