7 Best Virtual Reality Headsets for 2017

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Here we are in 2017, and virtual reality is becoming more and more affordable for the average consumer. However, with that affordability comes more parity. Deciding on the best VR headset for your needs can be a somewhat daunting prospect whether you know where to start or not. 

One of the primary things to look for in a virtual reality headset, aside from its processing power, refresh rate, controls, and catalog is whether the headset itself is tethered or mobile. Tethered headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, PSVR, and HTC Vive are capable of providing much more complex virtual reality experiences, but require that the headset is tethered either to a PC or console. Mobile headsets, on the other hand, provide you with more flexibility and range of movement because the processing is typically done on your mobile device, but it comes at the cost of processing power. 

But don't worry: we're here to guide you through the virtual reality landscape and help you pinpoint the best headsets currently on the market for your current needs. From budget headsets to top of the line gear, here are the headsets you should be looking at come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Published Nov. 7th 2017

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