Two Extended E3 Demos for "Zelda Wii U" total 90 Minutes for Completion

"Zelda Wii U" demos demonstrate 90 minutes of gameplay at E3 2016.

Several reports are claiming that the two extended gameplay demos for Nintendo’s highly anticipated Legend of Zelda Wii U, could take up to 90 minutes to complete.

An article from Finder cites that Nintendo has asked press members who will be attending the 2016 E3 conference to set aside a full hour and a half for the two demos.

500 lucky Legend fans will have the chance to play these two demos, and if you are a patient and dedicated person, you may be one of these 500. More information about the opportunity may be found here.

If you aren't so lucky, you may tune in to Nintendo's Treehouse livestream on Tuesday, June 14th, 9 a.m. PT for extended gameplay footage.  

Usually, Nintendo showcases several different upcoming games at their floor space, but this year they are choosing to only focus on Zelda Wii U, despite their latest console the “NX” releasing in March of 2017.

The title is confirmed to be an open world style approach to the hallowed Hyrule, with more emphasis on exploration and player choice in dungeon completion.

Series producer, Eiji Aonuma, has described the latest title as "something new" stating: 

"The game has really taken shape, and things have gotten easier. That means things are progressing well. I think the base of our secret sauce has always been Ocarina of Time. But this time, the change in flavour will be like going from Japanese food to Western style food. Perhaps, players will be surprised. Please look forward to it, because I think we'll be able to make 'something new' like Ocarina of Time was."

Zelda Wii U has been in development since 2013, and originally was announced for a 2015 release, but has since been delayed for a 2017 release date.


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Published May. 30th 2016

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