Remembering the 360: The Must-Have Xbox Exclusives

Fable 2

Fable 2 is an action role-playing game developed by Lionhead Studios. Players will take control of the Hero of Bowerstone, set on a journey to prevent an evil lord from controlling the Spire. 

First things first — which one is better, Fable or Fable 2? It's an age-old debate, and I'm going to end it today.

Fable 2 is better, and here's why it's a must-have exclusive:

  • a lot more content than the previous game. Fable 1 did not have as much content as this one did. 
  • a better story-line. Fable 1's story was very basic and linear. If you wanted a more compelling narrative with interesting character, Fable 2 is the game you should get. 
  • better graphics. The visuals are stunning in Fable 2. While I'm a strong advocate against using graphics as a sole reason to buy a game, you can't argue with a comparison shot.
  • challenging. If you're more interested in challenging combat, the second one is for you.

Would you look at that? It's gorgeous.

Fable 2 is a game that every proud Xbox owner should have in their collection. The game will take you on a cute and whimsical storyline — the likes of which you've never seen before.

Published Apr. 20th 2016

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