IRL First Person Shooter, DustCloud: Wanna Get Dusted?

Eliminate enemy Agents (you call them frienimies) use Bluetooth-enabled smart guns! A real-life game of Assassin. Murder and mayhem without prison time!

I love first person shooters!

House of the Dead III, Time Crisis and even the occasional Duck Hunt have always drawn my credits, quarters or cash.  And can I tell you after a long day of dealing with customer service issues, missing orders, or the hour-long "I'm not a tech person" troubleshooting call, all of my cares fade away as soon as I pick up the gun molded controller(s) and have at it!  Yes, I have been known to pull a Lara Croft on an arcade machine.

Enter DustCloud.

THE DUSTCLOUD is a safe, mobile, first-person shooter game played with GPS tracking and electronic guns called DUSTERS. It’s an urban game that can be played anywhere, by anyone, at any time, and we [] have adapted it [Dustcloud] for web and mobile technology. 

I am in heaven. The idea of being able to have a legal, "I'm not going to get shot by the cops for playing" GPS tracking through my smartphone, first person shooter is intoxicating!  And they eventually hope to integrate the technology with Google glass!

How do you get in on the fun?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  First you go here and sign up for a reward (might I suggest the Field Agent package?). Then send out the word to all of the people you would love to DUST and let the games begin!  I know what you are thinking... what happens when I get DUSTED?

You can get your friends to avenge you!

Oh and there's more, much, much more--but why should I just tell you? Watch and see for yourself. We have a little over a month to make this stress-relieving project an everyday treat!

Let the hunt begin!


Supernatural beings conceived as the perfect, omnipotent and omniscient original rulers of the dark universe; worshiped as the personification of a force controlling some part of the cyber-world that renders the victim defense-less.

Published Jan. 12th 2014

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