Grand Theft Moon-Goo Coming to EVE Online: Rubicon

Stealing from other players made easy with a new Siphon gadget in EVE Online. Your future career as a resource rustler starts here.

Sci-fi MMO EVE Online has always embraced the darker side of human nature, and now players will be getting new toys to indulge their space-thief ambitions.

In the latest devblog published by CCP Games, "No Honor Among Thieves - Siphon Units in Rubicon," developer CCP SoniClover provides details of how the Mobile Siphon Units - first revealed at the announcement of the Rubicon expansion - will work.

He explains that there has been some thought given to providing a "moon raiding feature" and the passively parasitic nature of the Mobile Siphon Unit "aligns itself well with our general intent to give players more ways to affect each other’s income than just through brute force," whilst also developing a new style of "asynchronous gameplay," meaning that players don't have to be online simultaneously in order to interact in a meaningful way.

The device will be small enough to carry in almost any ship and can be deployed into space adjacent to a player-owned starbase (POS)--the giant structures which are used to passively harvest and process some of EVE's valuable moon resources--where the Mobile Siphon Unit will automatically begin filling up with the raw materials as the starbase harvests them.

Interestingly, the device will not provoke a reaction from starbase defences or the NPC law enforcement, CONCORD, meaning that resource theft will be possible even in the safe high-sec regions of EVE Online's universe.

Given the creative and unexpected way most new gameplay features get used and abused in EVE Online, it will be interesting to see exactly how Grand Theft Moon-Goo will emerge.

Will we see gangs of resource rustlers making off with ill-gotten gains from previously safe industrial giants? Will that result in a boom in bounty-hunting as aggrieved (and generally affluent) industrialists look for recompense? Or does the Mobile Siphon Unit just encourage AFK griefing gameplay?

We will find out on 19th November when EVE Online: Rubicon launches.

Expect tears. 

Published Oct. 17th 2013
  • Alskari
    I have mixed feelings about these. I think that POS' are broken, and that these units will make steps towards more interesting and less AFK play. I also think that more fights will occur as a result of these. On the other hand I think these will probably not make anyone isk. Once the 'new' factor wears off I think these will be used either as bait or income denial.

    If I were still in a WH I would set one of these up outside my own POS in a heartbeat. Even though there are no reactions and nothing to steal, some idiot would decloak to check it. All kinds of wonderful traps can be set now. Good feature.

    I'd be happy with the income denial aspect, if almost all relevant moons were not already held by a few entities. As it is now, these will evolve into another big alliance/coalition griefing tool. If null was more fractured, it might be a different story, but as it stands now the barrier of entry has just been raised. 23/7 presence is now required to get in on the moongoo. Big alliances will still get their AFK isk, and small alliances will burn out trying to get off the ground.

    Siphon units will at least provide a new method to 'fuck goons' but it provides them a new method to advance their monopolies. Anyone in their situation would happily make that trade. Alchemy helps, but these siphon units can strike at those as well. I expect another OTEC style attempt at some point in the future.
  • Zlocho_5054
    Well, if POS holders will continue to treat moon mining as an AFK source of income, than they will be an easy pray and incentivise AFK stealing from them.
    If they patrol their moons regularly than AFK stealing won't work, right?
    Being a lowsec pirate entity we will of course try the AFK way. If it doesn't work we will be dropping them for 3-4 hours while we camp or roam around
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    Do you have any clear idea how you will conduct your robberies? I mean, the drop off seems simple enough, but collecting the goods might be a little more risky, requiring the need for something big and vulnerable for the pick up.

    It'll be interesting to see how heist tactics and security counter tactics will develop. I wonder if there will be a market for third party security patrols offering regular siphon sweep and clear services or perhaps even sting operations.
  • Zlocho_5054
    We got blockade runners always close by, so it won't be a problem for us with a good escort.

    Hmmm...good idea, for the third party security patrols. We might think about that :DD...lots of nullsec Aliance POSs around us.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    I'm wondering if there's a legitimate (if risky) playstyle niche as a solo Blockade Runner pilot poaching goods. Might be fun to try.
  • Zlocho_5054
    Might be, but i don't know how he will deal with POSs with points and webzz. There will be need of escort in some way.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    Hmm, yeah, would have to pick POS targets carefully. It'd work for hi-sec POSs though, right?
  • Zlocho_5054
    Yeah, very true. But i dunno if the siphons are anchorable in highsec, i missed that info. And if they will be anchorable against non decced corp. Will you be able to destroy it in highsec without the CONCOD interaction?
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    No, that's I good point - I believe a war-dec is necessary for any siphoning to take place. I'm currently trying to find verification of this (it's not clear from the devblog) and will report back when I do. I've got a vague idea it might have been CCP Fozzie's Rubicon announcement presentation.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    When introducing the four new deployable structures in the Rubicon announcement stream (whilst focusing on the Yurts), CCP Fozzie said, "One of the cool things about *all* of these: In high sec, we're not going to get CONCORD involved with them at all. If you shoot these things, you will at worst get a suspect tag on you. There's not going to be and CONCORDing. We're allowing players to self police."

    I'm going to try to get further clarification in what he meant by "all", but I'm taking that to include the siphons.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    I've just realised I'm being dense - you can't perform moon harvesting and reactions in high-sec, so the siphon is useless there.

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