3 Ways to Kill Magikarp in Magikarp Jump (Events 3, 4 & 31)

There's a one-time surefire method and two not-so-certain ways to kill your Magikarp.

Why would you want to kill your Magikarp? If its Individual Bonus is particularly awful and you don't want to toss the 10 Diamonds at a retry, you may very well want to toss that fish in the trash can and move on.

There aren't a ton of ways to ditch a Magikarp after it's already gotten settled in your pond, but there are three ways to get rid of one. And all three of them entail a bloody end to your fishy friend.

Magikarp Jump has two events that can get your Magikarp snatched up by a hungry Pidgeotto. One is "Hop, Skip & Whump!" which is covered in my easy to follow event 31 guide. The other is event 4 "Out of Nowhere...", which I'll cover here.

The third option is event number 3, "Is It Treasure?", which we will also go over. This doesn't entail a hungry Pidgeotto, but it does end in your Magikarp meeting an untimely demise.

"Hop, Skip & Whump!" can be done at any time while in the pond, but be aware that it is a one time-only event. If you're sure you're going to want to get rid of a Magikarp at some point in the future, hold off on Event 31 until you absolutely need to do it.

Random Event 4: "Out of Nowhere..."

Out of all 34 of the game's current events, none are as surprising as "Out of Nowhere...", also known as event 4. Many a player has unwittingly lost at least one Magikarp through this event.

In "Out of Nowhere..." your Magikarp spots a tree with berries and you have to decide whether you want it to try jumping to get them, or ignore them completely. Both options can have good endings, but one can have a bad ending.

If you decide your Magikarp should not try to jump for the berry, it will gain a small amount of JP for your troubles.

If you want your Magikarp to feast on sweet, sweet berries and let it jump, it either gains a larger amount of JP than if it didn't try -- or a Pidgeotto swoops down and snatches it up.

This event has come up more for me than "Is It Treasure?", but your experience may be different. In any case, this is one way to potentially kill your Magikarp...if you get "lucky".

Random Event 3: "Is It Treasure?"

"Out of Nowhere..." seems a bit ominous when you come across it. I mean, the game is about making Magikarp competitively jump -- but there's just something wrong about having it jump into a tree for berries.

"Is It Treasure?" seems less ominous. But like the aforementioned random event, it can end poorly for your Magikarp. If you're trying to get rid of it anyway, it's a golden opportunity.

In Event 3, you and your Magikarp come across a Pokeball in the middle of the road. You are presented with two options: either leave it alone, or have your Magikarp see what's inside.

If you choose to leave the Pokeball alone, your Magikarp will gain a small amount of JP for its lack of trouble. If you choose to have it open the Pokeball, it will either find helpful items, coins, or an a angry Voltorb ready to use Self-Destruct.

Obviously your Magikarp is not going to survive a Self-Destruct right to the face, and it meets an untimely demise right there in the middle of the road. That's pretty terrible, unless you're actively trying to get rid of it.

Individual Bonuses are such a huge part of how quickly/well a Magikarp does that no trainer wants to get one with less-than-ideal bonuses. While it's easier and more sure-fire to simply spend the 10 Diamonds to try to get a new Magikarp when fishing, 10 Diamonds are valuable -- and the 50 Diamond cost for a second retry is just absurd.

The only way to get rid of a sub-par Magikarp is to get it killed, with one being a one-time event and the other two being luck-based. You may not even be able to get one killed off, but it certainly doesn't hurt (you) to try!

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