Phil Spencer Wants Windows 10 to Be "Best" OS for PC Gamers

Phil Spencer and his Xbox team are hoping to create the best operating system for PC gamers.

Microsoft may have a lot more emphasis on gaming for PC when their next operating system, Windows 10, is released. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios, wants to create the best OS for gamers ever.

Over at Xbox Wire, Spencer looks ahead to the Windows 10 event on January 21st. He's excited that his Xbox team is working on gaming for PC, but reiterated that this didn't mean that would focus only on PC in the future. They're just branching out and working on both projects.

"We remain committed to gaming on console, but we know that we have fans and gamers that also play on PC and phone. And it's important that we build out the features that we have, learning from what we've done on console. And helping make Windows 10 the best operating system we've ever created for gamers on PCs."

How Microsoft can achieve the "best OS"

As the differences between console and PC gaming diminish, expect Microsoft to merge their products into virtually the same thing. A way that they could create the "best operating system" for gamers is by turning the PC into an Xbox, and vice versa. Microsoft has the blueprint to create an OS that both has the luxury of console gaming's setup and the power of PC gaming.

The only problem for Microsoft is the incredible amount of PC gamers that are locked into the Steam ecosystem. Steam is a frontend that's made gaming so simple that consoles are even paling in comparison. Through Steam, game compatibility is the only difference among operating systems.

Windows itself is also slacking in the new era of easy-to-download apps. The Windows Store doesn't have much in terms of gaming. Other operating systems like Android and iOS have better options in comparison. Perhaps linking PCs and consoles even further than what's available now would be a key to Microsoft's success.

Will Microsoft succeed with their wish to make Windows 10 the best operating system for PC gamers?

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Published Jan. 17th 2015

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