Miss Devil May Cry as much as I do? Maybe these games will help.

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5. God of War series

I hear a lot of times God of War tries to rip off Devil May Cry, though aside from fast combos, there aren’t a ton of similarities. Even so, this is still a fun series to get invested in, with plenty of great boss fights and challenges ahead! You play as Kratos, a Spartan who fights on behalf of the Greek gods in order to rid himself of the nightmares he has after being tricked into killing his family by the God of War, Ares. There are other stories, but the gist of it is this: angry dude smashes faces of godly deities and giant monsters.

However, the gameplay is more than just striking hard and fast with your blades. Some of the games offer different weapons, though none feel quite as satisfying as Kratos’ iconic dual chain-swords. There are also many spells that grow stronger and sometimes even act a bit differently when upgraded. When the game has no combat to offer, you can expect a lot of time devoted to some surprisingly good puzzles and platforming, some of which may even stump you!

While not as fast as other games on this list, the original God of War does still possess quite an epic scope to its story, and the third game is just epic all around. Personally, I recommend God of War 1, 2, and Chains of Olympus, as I feel those are some of the best the series have to offer -- mainly 1 and Chains of Olympus for their stories.

The series is difficult, but not unbearably so, which is why it’s lower on the list. In fact, it relies a lot on quick-time events to execute finishers, and the button mashing is particularly demanding in the first game. The harder difficulties still prove a challenge though, especially with challenge rooms to put your skill and patience to the ultimate test, and all to gain new stuff as well. If you don’t mind playing a gorier and more slow-paced action game, the God of War series might be the right pick for you. (Especially now that we have God of War 4 to look forward to.)

Published Jun. 13th 2016

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