World of Tanks 8.8 Update September 12th in US

Update 8.8 for World of Tanks comes with new tanks, new tech trees and a new battlefield arena

The 8.8 update for World of Tanks is due for release on September 11th in Europe and September 12th in the United States. For a small preview of what to expect from this new update please enjoy the video (it's a game about tanks shooting other tanks, so expect more of the same).

The new update will also add a new battlefield arena, Tundra, so you can enjoy your tank battles in a new place. For a preview of the map check out the video below:


Among the other things included in this update are...

  • A new branch of Soviet medium tanks for tiers 6 through 8
  • German tech tree includes the Tier 4 DW heavy chariot and Tier 6 VK3002 (M) medium tank
  • The VK3001H and VK3601H are now heavy tanks
  • Two new Chinese premium tanks

The Asian servers will reportedly go live to version 8.8 next week on the 18th.


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Published Sep. 11th 2013

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