Capsule Forces Comes to PS4 Next Year

Capsule Force set for early 2015 release on the PS4

Capsule Force is a retro, anime-inspired 2-4 person multiplayer action game set across multiple galaxies. Created by Klobit, a two-person team from Austin, Texas, this game has been featured at Rooster Teeth Expo, IndieCade, and Game On Austin.

The setting is 1999, "the future." Earth scientists created the technology to capture galaxies into small capsules and gave it to its intergalactic military. However, many fighters went rogue and are now duking it out to gain this universe-changing power.

The objective of the multiplayer arena matches is to fight your opponent, go to their base, steal their capsule, and get out of there. Each enemy's base is riddled with all sorts of traps. There are eight arenas to play in.

In single player mode, you can battle through 30 different missions such as dodging traps, blasting targets, or racing against the clock.

Can't wait for Capsule Force? From December 6 - 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the game will be available to play at the Play Station Experience. Tickets range from $55 to $95.


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Published Nov. 13th 2014

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