Latest iPhone Update iOS 8.1 Will Prevent You From Running Emulators.

iOS update 8.1 will close a loophole that let you download console emulators for the platform.

For those of you who emulate older video games on your iPhone, Apple is putting an end to that practice. As of iOS 8.1, using emulators on your iPhone will become significantly more difficult. More specifically, this update will close a loophole that allowed people to download emulators without having to jailbreak their phones. This is despite jailbreaking being perfectly legal since 2010 (although it will void your warranty).

What is (was) the loophole?

The loophole, known colloquially as the Date Trick, involved you rolling back the date on your iPhone and then downloading emulators through Safari. The newest update will prevent this, although it's not clear how it will work. Apple might force all iOS devices to sync themselves to a universal time, or, failing that, simply fix the bug at the root of this.

News of Apple fixing the loophole first came from the emulation community; specifically, the developers of the GBA emulator GBA4iOS. Apple releases iOS updates early for developers. Upon downloading the 8.1 beta, the GBA4iOS team wrote about the loophole fix. They write that:

“it’s already causing panic among iOS emulator aficionados… The Date Trick fuels the emulator communities nowadays… Without it, everything looks bleak.”


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Published Oct. 9th 2014
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Yet another example of why I don't like Apple and never will.
  • mchiu
    you and I are probably in the same boat. Although Apple has done a lot to democratize tech to the point that anyone can use their products, which I think is good, the compromise is that it has created an environment where freedoms are severely limited, which is most unfortunate. Although I did run into a similar problem on the Android side where Verizon locked me out of my phone when I tried to break open the bootloader... not Google's fault, and maybe it's time for me to switch to another carrier if VZW is going to play like that...

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