Reddit Thread Proves Microsoft Angers Fans Again

Angry Reddit users bash Microsoft for the Kinect-less functioning Xbox One.

An angry thread began recently on the social website Reddit. The discussion was in response to Xbox Live Vice President Marc Whitten announcing that Kinect will not be required to be connected for the Xbox One to function. This statement led consumers to believe that Microsoft was phasing out the Kinect and leading Xbox One down a path of “stale” and static gaming.

Putting Out the Fire

Later, to calm the storm, Microsoft put out a statement saying that the new Xbox One bundle will indeed include the Kinect. They also stated that they are not planning on releasing a cheaper bundle that would not include the Kinect as had previously been speculated.

Shocking Decisions Microsoft

Recently there have been many changes in regard to the Xbox One release such as:

  • The Xbox One will not require internet to function and
  • Microsoft is cancelling the release of the Xbox One in some countries.
Is Kinect Really the Issue?

Is this newest outrage really about the Kinect or are fans just tired of Microsoft being so fickle?

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Published Aug. 15th 2013
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Contributor
    So people complain when they are forced to use kinect, then when it goes they say it will ruin the console....I despair.
  • LoboBeluga
    People do tend to overreact over little bits of information nowadays. I personally hope that the Kinect for the Xbox One is quite a bit better than its predecessor. I love the idea of being more involved while playing my games. I see the Kinect as another step forward to true virtual reality. And I can't wait!
  • Cortalia
    I think people need to stop taking things the wrong way every time Microsoft or Sony say something.

    They shouldn't need to clarify every detail. "The kinect will not be required to operate the Xbox one" ...

    I see that as... we are not making this accessory mandatory to start up your system or play games that don't make use of it, because not every game is going to use the Kinect, especially in the earlier portion as we transition to the next generation.

    I fail to see how we turn this into "Microsofts going to phase out the Kinect".

    I only see this as a benefit, what if the kid gets ahold of your kinect and somehow breaks it, or whatever act... if you were required to have it connected to run the system, that would mean you couldn't use your system until said broken Kinect was replaced, as it stands now you can still use it to do a plethora of other tasks until you see fit get your Kinect fixed.

    So again I ask... how did this positive note got turned into a negative?
  • Critley Lynn King
    I'm not really sure how it got turned into a negative. Personally I think it is a good thing that Microsoft has done. I would not want the Kinect to always have to be connect just so I could play a game that does not utilize its features at all. I think several fans are just really unhappy with Microsoft right now because they have changed their mind a few times over some things after the announcement of the Xbox One. I think some people are still angry over the upcoming price as well.

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