Bloodborne servers offline for 'Emergency Maintenance' for a several days

Bloodborne's servers have been taken down by the company for a few days for 'emergency maintenance'. Read on to know what may be the cause.

In case you were wondering why your beloved game, Bloodborne, is not connecting to its online servers, it's because they have been taken down for 'emergency maintenance' according to Sony Japan. The game is still playable offline, but the online features will remain down for a few days. 

"We are currently conducting emergency maintenance on the game servers. The maintenance should be complete within a few days. We will update you again once the maintenance ends.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for playing Bloodborne."

reads the official page.

The possible cause for this maintenance, according to Kotaku, may be because of the glitch which allowed players to get the $20 DLC: The Old Hunters for free. This speculation comes from a thread on subreddit titled “Old Hunter free DLC glitch.” The post has now been removed, but certain users claim that the steps actually allowed access to the DLC for free.

A post on Reddit by lead hosting engineer, Tim Wernicke, also somewhat hints towards the above speculation. In the post, he stated the reason for the emergency maintenance is to fix a big DLC exploit and some other serious issues. Getting a $20 DLC for free is a huge exploit if you ask me. Here's a screenshot of the comment.

The Old Hunters is so far the only DLC available for the PS4 game since its release in March this year. The DLC was released last week.


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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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