Pax 10 Includes Ouya Indie Towerfall

Towerfall is everything you'd want from an indie - fun and with a touch of quirk.

Every year for Pax, fifty industry experts narrow down the broad field of indie games to the top ten for both their gameplay and their "overall fun factor." This years Pax 10 are a diverse assortment of games, featuring PC and iOS games, but also one lone Ouya title -- Towerfall

Towerfall is an archery combat platformer. It's couch co-op, and to break it down most easily, it's almost like a retro, indie Super Smash Brothers. It's called the killer app for the Ouya, and for good reason -- it's one of the best games on the console. 

The Pax 10 site lists Towerfall as a Ouya and PC game, but for now at least, you can only play it on an Ouya (the PC launch isn't slated for at least a few months.) 

Towerfall is addictive, nostalgia-inducing and most of all a great indie title. It's no wonder it was selected to be a part of the Pax 10. 

You can read more about the Pax 10 submissions here, and you can find Towerfall in the Ouya app store. 

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Published Jul. 29th 2013

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