Xbox One: The Green Screen of Death

The Xbox One is experiencing another error, called the "Green Screen of Death".

Recent reports from Australia, and New Zealand state that their brand-new Xbox One consoles are giving them what they call the "Green Screen of Death" (New Zealand and Australia were the first to receive the consoles). Now that the Xbox One launch has went worldwide, problems from the US are starting to surface.

On the Xbox forums, people are ranting about the alleged "Green Screen of Death," and Microsoft isn't doing anything about it. No Microsoft forum Moderators are replying to the angry posts, and some are even censoring some of them.

So What Exactly is This "Green Screen of Death?"

This is the Green Screen of Death.

The user will normally boot up the console, but the console won't go past the initial green logo screen. The problem has  randomly emerged out of nowhere, and is appearing on more and more consoles around the world.

So, along with the disc drive failure problem, the only "fix" for now is to call wherever you bought the console and get a replacement. If this happens to you, try to reboot the console. If that doesn't work, call Microsoft or the retailer that you purchased the console from.

The Xbox One might have some errors and problems now, but don't let that stop you from purchasing this great next-gen console. 

Published Nov. 22nd 2013
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