About Us

GameSkinny was founded by the team at Launch Media Network, the creators of Gamer Launch and more. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in gaming and building online gaming focused platforms. GameSkinny news and information is written by gamers, curated by a team of seasoned editors and governed by a belief that games and gaming are a positive experience for all.

We take a Native Journalism approach, which means writing crafted by people participating or personally involved and engaged in the topic they are writing about. GameSkinny features a collaborative online publishing system, which empowers gamers and game journalists to have ownership of the content and contribute their reasoned and rational voices to the global conversation. While we believe that the gamers are often the true experts in their field, we also believe that editor support is critical. This is why all of our content is edited and approved by a team of dedicated editors.

Our revolutionary Journalism Training Program takes aspiring journalists through a multi-tiered course providing information on site, a short email course and all the way up to our 9-Week intensive program.


Jonathan Moore – Senior Editor

Ashley Shankle – Editor

About our Editors

Jonathan Moore


Jonathan has led the GameSkinny editorial team, content strategy and set editorial direction and managed our freelancers since 2016. Jonathan has a long history in gaming and strong background in traditional journalism. Jonathan believes that concise, concrete writing is one of the purest ways to convey information to those who need it.

  • Favorite Games: Super Castlevania 4, All Uncharted games, Demons’ Souls, Age of Empires, Red Dead Redemption, KOTOR, Fallout 3, Super Contra 3
  • More than 1,000 hours in Age of Empires 2, 250 hours in Skyrim, more than 200 hours in the Uncharted series
  • Star Wars nerd
  • MFA in Creative Writing, BFA in Creative Writing & Journalism
  • Traditional Newspaper Experience
  • Prior work at Awesomeoutof10 and Bitmob

Ashley Shankle

Senior Editor

Ashley joined GameSkinny at the site founding 2012. In addition to editorial duties Ashley is critical to guide content strategy and is almost always ahead of the curve when it comes to valuable topics in gaming. Ashley has a varied set of interests and a long history in gaming that leans heavily to various niche games and game styles.

  • Favorite Games: Risk of Rain, Sonic Adventure 2 and Rimworld
  • Believes in the Superiority of Starcraft: Brood War & that Roguelikes/lites are a superior gaming category
  • Huge Sega Fan!
  • 4000 hours in Risk of Rain
  • Competent in Japanese and Norwegian & has dabbled in 17 languages