Tools Up Review: Extreme Makeover Overcooked Edition

Tools Up wears its Overcooked inspirations on its suspenders. Though it lacks the polish of that game, it is still a co-op party game worth any genre fan's time.

ELEAGUE to Air New Rocket League Championship Features

ELEAGUE's two-part feature gives viewers an inside look at the Rocket League Championship.

Dec 11, 2019

The Best Core Weapons in Halo History

There are a lot of great weapons in the Halo franchise, but these are some of the best.

Dec 11, 2019

The Games Festival Brings The Game Awards to Your Steam Account

Geoff Keighley's newest addition to The Game Awards brings first-look demos of more than a dozen titles to Steam for everyone.

Dec 11, 2019

Open World MMO Corepunk Announcement Trailer Comes Online

Fog of war, crafting, and deadly combat are coming in this top-down sci fi/fantasy MMORPG.

Dec 11, 2019

Langrisser I & II Story Trailer Introduces Your Comrades-in-Arms

Friends and foes collide in the latest Langrisser 1 and 2 trailer, showcasing who you'll be trusting with your life and who might just try and take it from you.

Dec 11, 2019

Square Enix Details Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Price, Contents, Versions

We break down what Re:Mind includes and how much it costs, plus what free updates Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting soon.

Dec 11, 2019

10 Upcoming Strategy Games to be Excited About in 2020

There are a lot of impressive-looking strategy games releasing in 2020. Here are 10 we are most looking forward to, along with why you should be too.

Dec 11, 2019

Control (Or Ruin) the Nightly News in Not For Broadcast

tinyBuild's newest game tasks you with managing the nightly news in an oppressive political climate.

Dec 11, 2019

Indie World Unveils Golf Story Sequel, Dauntless Switch Out Now, More

The 20-minute presentation was jam packed with plenty of indie goodness for the Switch in 2020.

Dec 10, 2019

7 Most Terrifying Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's

From the hybrid monstrosity Ennard to the VR version of Plushtrap, we count down the most horrifying animatronic creatures in this jump scare-focused horror series.

Dec 10, 2019

Halo Reach Remastered Review: Bringing the Past Back to Life

Halo Reach remastered is what almost everybody wanted. There are a few warts, but this is the Reach we remember.

Dec 10, 2019

9 Upcoming FPS Video Games to be Excited About in 2020

2020 is shaping up to be another great year for FPS games. Here are 9 you should go ahead and pre-order now.

Dec 10, 2019

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a Timed PS4 Exclusive

Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets off the PS4 train and will mosey onto other platforms after a timed exclusivity period.

Dec 10, 2019

State of Play Reveals Resident Evil 3 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, More

State of Play was a packed 20 minutes, with RE3make confirmation, Babylon Fall News, a Ghosts of Tsushima trailer, and a whole lot more.

Dec 10, 2019

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Hands-On Preview — Going One Step Further

We went hands-on with the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, but is it Rad(itz) or does it spare the (Ka)karot too much?

Dec 10, 2019

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Beginners Guide

Survive every mission type, repair your mechs afterward, and get the best equipment in Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries.

Dec 10, 2019

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Review — Flawed But Extremely Fun Robot Action

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries delivers pulse-pounding mech action. It just lacks the patches to make it truly shine.

Dec 10, 2019

Shenmue 3: How to Get 50 Year Old Wine Lao Jiu

Looking for the 50 year old wine Lao Jiu in Shenmue 3? It's right under your nose.

Dec 09, 2019

11 Upcoming Survival Video Games to be Excited About in 2020

Survival games will dominate 2020. This list counts down the best the year will have to offer from both acclaimed developers and ambitious newcomers.

Dec 09, 2019

Phoenix Point Beginners Guide: The Geoscape and Combat

Phoenix Point might be similar to XCOM, but to survive, there are some distinct differences to understand and master.

Dec 09, 2019

SaGa: Scarlet Grace Tips So You Don't Hate Yourself

The biggest things you need to know if you're starting a SaGa: Scarlet Grace playthrough. Seriously.

Dec 09, 2019

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review — Survival of the Most Patient

Ancestors rejects mass appeal and instead favors a grueling but awe-inspiring look at our earliest ancestors.

Dec 09, 2019

See an Exclusive Scene From The Rise of Skywalker in Fortnite

Fortnite continues to be more than just a game by screening an exclusive clip from The Rise of Skywalker.

Dec 09, 2019

Minecraft Crossplay is Coming to PlayStation 4 — Finally

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is finally coming to the PlayStation 4, bringing crossplay with it.

Dec 09, 2019

Phoenix Point Review: It's Not XCOM, But It's Pretty Close

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Phoenix Point just wrote a love letter to XCOM, for better and for worse.

Dec 06, 2019

Darksiders: Genesis Co-Op — How To Play With Friends

Here's how to play split-screen co-op multiplayer with your friends in Darksiders: Genesis.

Dec 06, 2019

Best Standard Hearthstone Decks for Descent of Dragons Meta

Dragons are back in Hearthstone. These are the nine best Standard decks that will help you win in the Descent of Dragons meta.

Dec 06, 2019

Pokemon-Inspired MMORPG Temtem Coming to Steam Early Access

Temtem wants to take the Pokemon formula and turn it into a dynamic, MMO social experience.

Dec 06, 2019

New Persona 5: Scramble Character Trailers Showcase Yusuke, Ann

The new Persona 5 Scramble character trailers give us a glimpse at each character's specialized combat and more.

Dec 06, 2019

Risk of Rain 2 on Console to Get Skills 2.0 Update

Risk of Rain 2's big Skills 2.0 update is heading to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Dec 06, 2019

Sony Announces Final State of Play for 2019

The last PlayStation State of Play will have 20 minutes of new announcements, footage, and more.

Dec 06, 2019

The Game Awards to Unveil 10 Unannounced Games

The Game Awards 2019 is shaping up to be another wild ride of brand-new reveals and updates on already announced games.

Dec 05, 2019

How to Get Gigantamax Snorlax in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Gigantamax Snorlax is now live for Pokemon Sword and Shield! Find out how to track down and catch this limited event Pokemon.

Dec 05, 2019

The Beast Inside Review: A Tale of Two Dueling Stories

The Beast Inside is an uneven horror experience, even if it does have some truly bone-chilling moments.

Dec 05, 2019

Borderlands 3 DLC, Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot, Gets Gameplay Trailer

You can now watch the first 13 minutes of the new Borderlands 3 DLC, Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot right now.

Dec 05, 2019

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons: 15 Best Cards for Standard

The 15 best Hearthstone cards from the Descent of Dragons expansion rule this meta.

Dec 05, 2019

Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived Review

A beautiful looking Noir visual novel that occasionally fumbles some big issues. It has lofty aims, but a less than flawless execution.

Dec 05, 2019

Nintendo Switch Online Getting 6 New Classic Games

From well-worn classics like Breath of Fire 2 to relics of the past like Crystalis, Nintendo's dishing up some retro goodness for December.

Dec 05, 2019

Niantic Hatches Evolution Event for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is dishing out evolution items and Pokemon that evolve in unique ways.

Dec 05, 2019

A Plague Tale 2 Reportedly in Development

A Plague Tale 2 is in development, at least according to a recent report. It's a good time to be a rat, but a bad time to be anything else.

Dec 05, 2019

Diablo 4 Will Strike Down Boring Builds Via Itemization

Diablo 4 will be tossing Ancient gear to the wind for additional affixes, new stats, and a new Legendary affix-granting consumable.

Dec 04, 2019

Sony Says The Handheld Is Dead, Long Live... Something Else

Sony executives say there won't be a PlayStation Vita successor, but does that rule out Sony handheld gaming in the future?

Dec 04, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One Live, Brings Supply Drop of Freebies

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is releasing the largest free content drop in the history of the series.

Dec 04, 2019

Outlast Series Shifting Gears With The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials won't be in VR, but it looks like it will very likely be a 4-player co-op experience set in the Cold War.

Dec 04, 2019

Witness The Power of the Fully Operational Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition

If you've been holding off on Star Wars Battlefront 2, the Celebration Edition and upcoming Rise of Skywalker Content may pull you in.

Dec 04, 2019

Darksiders Genesis Review: Flipping Perspectives For the Apocalypse

Darksiders Genesis is an incredibly solid adaptation of the IP that brings both War and Strife into a new genre without losing the heart of the franchise.

Dec 04, 2019

Heroland Review: Work Hard, Play Hard

Heroland offers a hilarious take on working life, RPGs, and fan culture, wrapped in a clever combat system.

Dec 03, 2019

HyperX Alloy Origins Review: One of 2019's Best Keyboards

The HyperX Alloy Origins is a solid keyboard, bolstered by great customization options.

Dec 03, 2019

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