Final Fantasy VII Remake Hands-On Preview: Breaking Limits All Over Again

We went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 2019 and can confirm that not only is it real, but it was a ton of fun.

Mark Your Calendars: Every Release Date Announced at E3 2019

E3 2019 brought a ton of new games to our lives, and many of them came with release date announcements too. Here is every date you need to mark on your calendar.

Jun 14, 2019

The Outer Worlds Preview: Strange Worlds in Strange Times

At E3 2019, we had the chance to see live gameplay from Obsidian's upcoming quirky sci-fi RPG.

Jun 14, 2019

Cadence of Hyrule Review — Rhythm and Roguelike Combine in a Title That Hy-Rules

Cadence of Hyrule is a fresh approach to the classic 2D Legend titles that looks and sounds amazing, but it doesn't last long.

Jun 14, 2019

Project Scarlett: Everything We Know So Far About Microsoft's Next Generation Console

Microsoft took to the E3 2019 stage to tease their new console, codenamed Project Scarlett. Looking for all the details in one place? Look no further!

Jun 14, 2019

What We Want to See in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Breath of the Wild 2's announcement opened the door to all kinds of speculation about what the game could include to make it even better than the first.

Jun 14, 2019

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith Best Weapons Tier List

Here's a tier list of the best new weapons from the Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC with a few tips on how to find them.

Jun 14, 2019

Where to Farm Screws in Fallout 76 (Best Locations)

Whether buying, scavenging, or looting, we show you three easy ways to acquire large numbers of screws in a short time in Fallout 76!

Jun 14, 2019

What is PlayStation 4 Error ws-37403-7? Let Us Explain

PlayStation 4 users around the world are encountering a new error code, Error ws-37403-7. Here's what it means for PlayStation Network status and more.

Jun 13, 2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ditch Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves

Game Freak's Junichi Masuda also commented on the decision not to let players catch em' all and how Pokemon Home might compensate for that.

Jun 13, 2019

Patrick Munnik, Lead Producer at Guerrilla Games, Has Passed Away

Patrick Munnik played key roles in the development of both Killzone: Shadowfall and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Jun 13, 2019

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Delay Leads to Big Nintendo Stock Drop

The Financial Times report cites other reasons for the drop too, including no news about new Switch models.

Jun 13, 2019

Wave Break Preview: Move over Tony Hawk, It's Time For Bears & Boats

At E3 2019 we got some hands on time with Funkotronic Lab's quirky upcoming arcade skateboarding inspired title.

Jun 13, 2019

Square Enix Wants to Create a Digital Library of All Its Classic Titles

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda said the company is already working on a project to port classic titles, but is also looking into subscription and streaming services.

Jun 13, 2019

GTA Online Guide: Casino Location

Here is the exact location of the Vinewood Casino, which will open its doors for all the gambling operations in the upcoming GTA Online DLC.

Jun 13, 2019

How to Start New Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC 2019

How to access the new Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2.

Jun 13, 2019

5 Castlevania Tropes That Will Make Bloodstained a True Spiritual Successor

A rundown of the classic Castlevania features that need to be in Bloodstained for it to be a true spiritual successor.

Jun 13, 2019

Road to Guangdong Early Access: It's A Long Way Through China

Road to Guangdong's premise is interesting, but its current Early Access state leaves much to be desired.

Jun 12, 2019

League of Legends Follows Auto Chess Trend with Teamfight Tactics

A new game mode, Teamfight Tactics is Auto Chess, League of Legends style.

Jun 12, 2019

Spec Ops Returns to Call of Duty Modern Warfare, New Information Revealed

Members of the Infinity Ward team revealed brand-new information on the upcoming FPS, confirming Spec Ops mode and more.

Jun 12, 2019

Wasteland 3 Due To Drop In Spring of 2020 as E3 Trailer Lands

The Rangers are headed to the snowy badlands of Colorado in Spring of 2020, with a brand new trailer featuring lovable drunk Scotchmo now available.

Jun 12, 2019

Atari VCS Retro Console Pre-Orders Open — But It'll Cost You

Atari's new console pays homage to classic and modern games and comes in three different packages. Don't expect to see it on your shelf for a while yet, though.

Jun 12, 2019

Steel Division 2 Will Be One of the Best Strategy Games of 2019

Here are three main reasons why Steel Division 2 will be one of the best military tactical strategies of 2019.

Jun 12, 2019

Zombie Army 4: Dead War E3 2019 Preview — More Zombies Than You Can Snipe At

At E3 2019, we got some hands-on time with Rebellion's upcoming undead infested third-person shooter.

Jun 12, 2019

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Gameplay Revealed at E3 2019

Zombie Army 4: Dead War received a brand-new gameplay trailer at E3 2019. Watch the nine-minute video here.

Jun 11, 2019

Nintendo E3 2019 Recap: Surprises, Sequels, and Remakes

From a Breath of the Wild sequel and Animal Crossing Switch delays, to Bango-Kazooie in Smash Ultimate, Nintendo's brief E3 Direct was stuffed full of big announcements.

Jun 11, 2019

Shenmue 3 Confirmed as Epic Store Exclusive, Kickstarter Backers Not Happy

Kickstarter backers requesting refunds for the game because of the abrupt shift are currently being denied.

Jun 11, 2019

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Announced, Out this Fall on PS4 and Switch

Disgaea 4 gets the remake treatment and launches later this year on PS4 and Switch, featuring all previous DLC , modern upgrades, plus plenty of new content to boot.

Jun 11, 2019

Ni No Kuni Remastered Coming to PS4 and PC, Base Game Headed to Switch

A classic last-gen game gets a fresh lease on life for modern systems, as Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch launches this fall.

Jun 11, 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Modernizing a Cast of Classic Characters

This is how Square Enix can ensure Remake's characters live up to the standards of the original game's cast.

Jun 11, 2019

Mordhau Guide: What Is the Carrot, and How Do I Get It?

Here's the exact location of the Carrot, a new weapon in Mordhau, and a short guide on how to join the Funland server.

Jun 11, 2019

Square Enix E3 2019 Recap: FFVII Remake, Marvel's Avengers Just the Beginning

From FFVII Remake to Marvel's Avengers — with SaGa, SE Collective, FFXIV, Dragon Quest, and more in between — Square Enix's E3 2019 presentation was packed full of what fans wanted to see.

Jun 10, 2019

Overhit Reroll Guide (Including Android Instructions)

Pulled a bad first batch of 10 characters with a lame SSR? We can show you exactly how to start over with a brand new account without needing to delete any files!

Jun 10, 2019

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Gets Release Date, New E3 Trailer

Trails of Cold Steel III gets a firm release date for the PS4 and a new trailer for E3, though still no word on whether it'll come to PC.

Jun 10, 2019

Ubisoft E3 2019 Presentation Roudup

Everything Ubisoft had on display at E3 2019, from games to movies and TV shows.

Jun 10, 2019

E3 2019: Highlights From the PC Gaming Show

Highlights from E3 2019's PC Gaming Show, including Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, Terraria, Shenmue 3, Autochess, and much more.

Jun 10, 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Has a Release Date — For Next Year

Final Fantasy VII Remake's release date comes ahead of Square Enix's E3 press conference, but will it be for the whole game or just episode one?

Jun 10, 2019

Payday 2: Secret Ending Guide

How to get the secret ending in Payday 2.

Jun 10, 2019

E3 2019 Bethesda Showcase Recap: Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls, Doom: Eternal Take Center Stage

The most requested Fallout 76 feature is coming, and we also saw major news on Doom Eternal and Elder Scrolls Blades, in addition to brand-new titles.

Jun 09, 2019

E3 2019 Microsoft Press Conference Recap: Team Xbox Unveils Project Scarlett and a Whole Lot of Game Pass

Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference is over, but if you missed it, don't worry! We've compiled a useful roundup of every moment you need to see.

Jun 09, 2019

New Sims 4 Pack 'Island Living' Gets Plenty of Info and a Release Date

The Sims 4 is getting a massive new expansion pack called Island Living that lets players create their own island paradise — and be mermaids, too.

Jun 08, 2019

EA Talks Madden 20's X-Factor Abilities, Ratings Adjustment, Campaign Mode

Madden 20's new features, including X-Factor Abilities, got the spotlight during the game's EA Play segment, all of which are meant to make the game more immersive than ever.

Jun 08, 2019

FIFA 20 Gets Release Date, Info on FIFA Volta Mode, New Details

EA's FIFA 20 team launched into a lot of technical details and improvements about the upcoming FIFA game, including measures meant to give the player even more control over almost everything.

Jun 08, 2019

Battlefield V Chapter 4 Introduces New Maps, Chapter 5 Adds the Pacific Theatre

Battlefield V is getting a hefty load of new maps, including the Battle of Greece. :ater this year will see the launch of Chapter 5 and its take on the Pacific Theatre and Iwo Jima.

Jun 08, 2019

Respawn Outlines Loads of Apex Legends Season 2 Content, Debuts 10th Legend

Wattson makes her way to Apex Legends, and Season 2 is introducing a plethora of updates, including Apex Legends' first ranked mode.

Jun 08, 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Shown, Story Confirmed Canon

The first Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay shows off Kal's Jedi Powers, introduces skill points, and plenty of combat. And it's canon? What?

Jun 08, 2019

GameSkinny Weekend Download: Diablo DLC, Call of Duty, PS5 Details, Dauntless, More

Your weekly roundup of GameSkinny news, reviews, guides, and features.

Jun 08, 2019

HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Review: A Solid Wireless Offering

The Cloud Stinger Wireless might be twice as much as the wired model, but it's one of the best wireless gaming headsets under $100.

Jun 07, 2019

Atlus Repeats Persona 5: Royal Isn't Coming to the Switch — Yet

Persona 5: Royal isn't coming to the Switch, says Atlus one more time. Only this time, it's in an official FAQ — an FAQ that also continues to offer hope it might come to the Switch after all.

Jun 07, 2019

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