Anthem Guide: How to Unlock Legendary Contracts

Want more chances to get Masterwork and Legendary gear in Anthem? Check this guide that explains Legendary Contracts, and how to unlock them.

Red Dead Online Beta Update Coming February 26

Red Dead Online's next beta update will add more for players to do and more customization options for their characters.

Feb 20, 2019

Paradox And Microsoft Offer Players Modding Platform On PC And Xbox One

Paradox and Microsoft team up to offer an all-in-one modding solution across PC and Xbox One.

Feb 20, 2019

Intruders Hide And Seek Review: It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (In VR!)

PSVR players who have been craving a more complete stealth horror experience have something to look forward to with Intruders, although it does suffer from some noticeable limitations still.

Feb 20, 2019

Dino Crisis Mod Roars Into Resident Evil 2 on PC

Although it's not a total conversion, a new Dinos Crisis mod for Resident Evil 2 on PC brings another Capcom classic into the RE Engine.

Feb 20, 2019

Capcom Invites Resident Evil 2 Remake Players to Share Feedback

Capcom has released a feedback survey asking what players liked and hated about the recent remake to help plan for future releases.

Feb 20, 2019

Anthem Guide: Factions, Rep, and Rewards

Need help with Factions in Anthem? This guide has you covered by explaining all you need to know as well as what rewards you can get by gaining rep.

Feb 20, 2019

Metro Exodus Guide: How to Save Duke

Learn how to preserve your good reputation and save your companion Duke with the help of this guide for Metro Exodus.

Feb 20, 2019

Darkest Dungeon 2 Announced With New Teaser

A short trailer from Red Hook Studios confirms that Darkest Dungeon 2 is forthcoming, but further details on the sequel to the 2016 roguelike are scarce.

Feb 20, 2019

Rumor: VR Is Making Its Way To Nintendo Switch Soon

Several recent reports have Nintendo fans speculating that the company will be making a virtual reality-related announcement sometime within the year.

Feb 19, 2019

Logitech G Reveals New MX518 Gaming Mouse

The classic Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse comes out of retirement, with the same feel and all-new up-to-date features.

Feb 19, 2019

Your Favorite Stree Fighter V Characters Are Invading Puzzle & Dragons

For a limited time, Puzzle & Dragon players can add iconic Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition characters to their collection.

Feb 19, 2019

Sony Slowing PS Vita Production in Japan

Sony previously said Vita production would cease in 2019. A recent report from Gematsu indicates that time may be now.

Feb 19, 2019

Devolver Digital Releasing First Game For Super Nintendo, Proceeds To Go To Charity

Help support mental health by picking up one of 500 copies of Devolver Digital and Mega Cat Studios' Super Nintendo game, Fork Parker's Crunch Out.

Feb 19, 2019

Day One Anthem Patch Fixes Load Time, Crashing Problems

In addition to solving load time issues, Anthem's launch patch is set to introduce a host of other changes, including bug fixes.

Feb 19, 2019

Locations Guide for Suit, Armor Upgrades in Metro Exodus

Suit and armor upgrades aren't essential pieces of the Metro Exodus experience, but they do make Artyonm's excursions to the surface much more manageable.

Feb 19, 2019

Fire Emblem Heroes Introduces New Characters and New Event

FEH is bringing some furry friends from Fates starting February 20, plus an all new story chapter

Feb 18, 2019

Tripwire Announces NVIDIA Ansel Support For PC Version Of Maneater

Tripwire's shark revenge story Maneater offers players the chance to take high-quality screenshots of their underwater adventures.

Feb 18, 2019

Dataminers Uncover Potential New Apex Legends Modes and Characters

Dataminers have been busy finding out what may be in store for Apex Legends, from new team match-ups to the potential for single and two-player modes, plus founder's packs and starters' packs.

Feb 18, 2019

Get Your Speedrun Fix With This Week's ESA Marathon for Save the Chiildren

The European Speedrunner Assembly winter marathon is live all week, raising money for Save the Children.

Feb 18, 2019

Fear the Wolves Review: A Half-Baked Battle Royale

Fear the Wolves, Vostok's new battle royale game, is undercooked and bug-riddled, and it needs to be in development for at least another year to be viable.

Feb 18, 2019

The Spirit of the '90s Is Alive in ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

The old monikers of "Sega kid" and "Nintendo kid" don't mean much anymore, but ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove demands the attention of those who once proclaimed themselves to be Sega kids.

Feb 18, 2019

New Detective Pikachu Movie Cards Revealed For Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon Company reveals three new cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which feature images from the upcoming Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie.

Feb 18, 2019

What Last Week's Direct Told Us About Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Following on from the Nintendo Direct trailer, we discuss some of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' biggest features and potential changes.

Feb 18, 2019

8 Best Mods For The Resident Evil 2 Remake

For players that want to change up their Resident Evil 2 remake experience, these mods bring first-person mode, classic UI elements, and more to the game.

Feb 15, 2019

How to Get More Circuit Boards in Far Cry New Dawn

Circuit Boards are a necessary crafting component for elite weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. This guide shows how to get more circuit boards by hunting and taking advantage of expeditions.

Feb 15, 2019

Resident Evil 2: Ghost Survivors Guide: All Mr. Raccoon Statues

Just like Resident Evil 2's base game, Ghost Survivors has a handful of Mr. Raccoon statues to find and destroy. This is where you can find them all.

Feb 15, 2019

Completing All the Records in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Part Two

You're not quite done with the Resident Evil 2 remake yet. There are still a few Records to set before you're a Raccoon City Native.

Feb 15, 2019

How to Get Carbon Fiber in Far Cry New Dawn

Carbon fiber is an essential component for crafting Rank 3 and Elite weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. This guide shows you where to find more of it.

Feb 15, 2019

Metro Exodus Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Learn how to survive, kill mutants, maintain your gear, and complete missions with the help of our beginner's guide to Metro Exodus.

Feb 15, 2019

Best Prosperity Facility Upgrades in Far Cry New Dawn

Upgrading Prosperity's Facilities is an important part of Far Cry New Dawn's progression system. This guides lays out how much ethanol is needed for each upgrade, as well as what benefits the Facilities provide.

Feb 15, 2019

Population Zero Science and Technology System Outlined

Enplex continues to share details about its upcoming survival MMO game, Population Zero, giving players a look at the title's science and technology system.

Feb 15, 2019

How to Play Defect in Slay the Spire

The Defect is the hardest class to master in Slay the Spire, but you can take the tower with this guide that offers the basics and some deck building tips.

Feb 14, 2019

Apex Legends Sets New Single-Day Twitch Viewership Record

Apex Legends, Respawn's free-to-play battle royale game, beats Fortnite's single-day Twitch viewership record with the help of its Apex Rivals competition.

Feb 14, 2019

Sealed Super Mario Bros. Sells for Record-Breaking Price

The copy boasted several unique features valuable to collectors and was in pristine condition. How much did it sell for? Read on to find out.

Feb 14, 2019

Stylized Mech Action Game Astral Chain Announced For Switch

Platinum Games' next action game, Astral Chain, will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in August.

Feb 14, 2019

Recap of Announcements from February Nintendo Direct

Nintendo unveiled a slate of new releases and launch dates at its latest Nintendo Direct. Here's a quick recap.

Feb 14, 2019

Hollow Knight Sequel Announced For PC And Switch

Get ready to continue the story of the princess-protector Hornet as she explores new lands in the sequel to Hollow Knight.

Feb 14, 2019

Apex Legends Guide: Recommended Landing Spots and How to Dive Faster

It can be tricky to find a place to land in Apex Legends. This guide will not only help with the aspect of diving, but also where to go for some of the best, less contested loot.

Feb 14, 2019

Apex Legends PC Requirements and Optimized Settings

This guide lists the minimum and best PC specs for Apex Legends and gives some advice for improving performance too.

Feb 14, 2019

7 Best Loot Locations in Apex Legends

Want to find a legendary weapon early in the game? Be sure to check this guide for the seven best loot locations in Apex Legends.

Feb 14, 2019

Completing All the Records in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Part One

There are 87 Records to set in the 2019 Resident Evil 2. Find a list, check it twice, and get some advice in part one of this itemized guide to 100% completion of the base game.

Feb 14, 2019

Far Cry New Dawn Review: Finding Beauty In The Apocalypse

Far Cry New Dawn recycles the same general setting from last year's Far Cry 5, but this time with a post-apocalyptic twist and healthy injection of creative, colorful, and bombastic content.

Feb 14, 2019

All Safe Locations in Far Cry New Dawn

There are more than two dozen safes in Far Cry New Dawn. Each of them contains a bit of titanium that will help you craft mid- to high-level items. This guide shows you where they all are.

Feb 14, 2019

How to Get More Titanium in Far Cry New Dawn

Titanium is essential for crafting certain guns and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. This guide will show you how to get titanium by hunting animals, completing expeditions and missions, and liberating outposts.

Feb 14, 2019

Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt, Stashes Locations Guide

This guide shows you how to find and solve all 10 of Far Cry New Dawn's treasure hunt stashes, helping solve puzzles to get perk mags, titanium, and Far Cry credits faster.

Feb 14, 2019

Download First Deltarune Chapter For Free On The Nintendo Switch

As teased at today's Nintendo Direct, chapter one of Toby Fox's Deltarune will be available for free download on the Nintendo Switch later this month.

Feb 14, 2019

Square Enix RPG Oninaki Revealed During Nintendo Direct

Tokyo RPG Factory's third JRPG, Oninaki, is revealed during a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, and it receives a release window for Nintendo Switch.

Feb 14, 2019

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Detailed at Nintendo Direct

Koji Igarashi's side-scrolling gothic horror RPG, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, gets a release window for Nintendo Switch during today's Direct stream.

Feb 14, 2019

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