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Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes — ASTD (June 2024)

Here's a list of the latest Roblox All Star Tower Defense codes and the instructions on how to redeem them.

Updated: June 25, 2024

We looked for more codes!

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The good old tower defense formula has been tested time and time again with many different results. However, Roblox All Star Tower Defense captured my attention among hundreds of games with a similar premise because of its anime inspiration. A crossover between a traditional strategy game and my favorite anime shows, such as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z? Sign me up! 

Unlocking the massive catalog of characters was initially fun, but I quickly ran into an obstacle: those gems and gold sure ran out quickly. Luckily, All Star Tower Defense codes made the experience much more fun. In addition to these currencies, codes will help you climb to the top by providing Stardust, XP points, and even some special unlockable characters. Are you looking for a new challenge after defeating all your opponents in this game? We recommend Tower of Fantasy Codes since we can hook you up with free items in that game as well.

All Star Tower Defense Codes List

All Star Tower Defense Codes (Working)

  • egoupdate: x220 Stardust and x9000 Gems (Requires 5 mins and level 50) (New)
  • fraudkunaupdate: x220 Stardust and x9000 Gems (Requires 5 mins and level 50) (New)
  • miniupd393: x140 Stardust and x8600 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 60)
  • tradingupdate: x140 Stardust and x8600 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 60)
  • HunterStarPass: x140 Stardust and x4500 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
  • hope2024: x140 Stardust and x1.5k Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
  • Tsukuyomi2024: x140 Stardust and x4.5k Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
  • animeroulette1: x150 Stardust (Requires a badge)
  • thankyoufor6bvisits: x475 Stardust, x9500 Gems, and a Worm Assassin Unit (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
  • 24hoursupdate: Worm Assassin (Revived) Unit (Requires 15 mins and level 40)
  • videocode12135: x100 Stardust and x2400 Gems
  • EnumaElish2024: x400 Stardust and x7300 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 60)
  • tournamentstart: x150 Stardust and x5000 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
  • newupdate1121: x200 Stardust and x7500 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
  • UpdateThisWeek: x150 Stardust and x5000 Gems (Requires 5 mins and level 40)
  • sorry4delay: x150 Stardust and x5000 Gems (Requires 5 mins and level 40)
  • happyholidays2: x200 Stardust and x5000 Gems (Requires 20 mins and level 100)
  • happyholidays1: x200 Stardust and x5000 Gems (Requires 2 mins and level 40)
  • PreChriistmas2023: Stardust x150 and Gems x2750 (Requires 2 mins and level 40)
  • newstarpass69: Stardust x150 (Requires 20 mins and level 30)
  • happy3yearanniversary: Stardust x300 and Gems x2750 (Requires 2 mins and level 40)
  • srry4delay: Stardust x200 and Gems x2750
  • happyspookymonth: Stardust x200, Gems x2750 (Requires 30 mins and level 40+)
  • newupdatecode: Stardust x50 (Requires 30 mins)
  • NewWorld2: Stardust x150

All Star Tower Defense Codes (Expired)

  • UniverseReset
  • TheDrumsOfLiberation2
  • TheDrumsOfLiberation
  • 6billionvists
  • sorryfordelayupdate2
  • july4threalupdate 
  • abouttimesnowrbx2023 
  • NavyXFlameOtherCode 
  • happylatemothersday 
  • rolerewardcode 
  • Chainsmoke91 
  • ASTDEggOpenedFinally
  • melonmen1 
  • youtubekingluffy350kdone 
  • newupdcode2 
  • newupdcode3 
  • blamsponge 
  • diablo12 
  • maintenacecode15 
  • sorryforlongdelay
  • Navyxflame170kyoutubereal
  • thankyoufor5bvisits
  • delayp
  • lvlreqny 
  • happyholidays
  • world3ishere
  • winterguy19
  • bigwinterupdatesoon
  • 2milfavoriteup
  • 2yearanniversaryduo
  • timechamberfix
  • newstarcode
  • mbshutdown
  • stardustupdate
  • ASTDDragonoidBakugan
  • 1millikes
  • summerwoo2022
  • changesjunes
  • owouch
  • Halloween2022
  • SubscribeToBlamSpotOnYoutube200k
  • Hooray50k
  • astd1millikes
  • newaprilupdate
  • allstarspring
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak
  • ticketupdate
  • congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300k
  • ultramove
  • superwoop
  • 1mgroupmembers

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How to redeem codes in All Star Tower Defense

Finding where to redeem All Star Tower Defense codes may be a bit tricky at first. Don’t worry—all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

How to redeem codes in All Star Tower Defense in Roblox
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch All Star Tower Defense in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Settings button in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  3. Type your code into the text box that says Enter Code Here.
  4. Press Enter to claim your reward. 

Remember that some codes require a certain amount of experience or reaching a higher level. You can see all the requirements for specific codes in our list.   

How can you get more All Star Tower Defense codes?

All Star Tower Defense developers are very involved on their official X account (@AllStarTowerDef). If you want to hunt for codes by yourself, that’s an excellent place to start. The official All Star Discord server is another spot where you can expect to find some codes and other information about the game’s events and updates.  

Why are my All Star Tower Defense codes not working?

The most common issue that troubles players when redeeming codes is typos. Always double-check the spelling and capitalization because the code you’re trying to redeem has to match the code you see on our list perfectly. If your code still isn’t working, it might have expired, which happens to most Roblox codes eventually. If you run into an expired code on our working codes list, please let us know in the comments.

How to get more free rewards in All Star Tower Defense

You can get more of the much-needed in-game currency for All Star Tower Defense by completing quests and daily tasks, as well as claiming your daily gifts. Occasional game events bring a ton of new exclusive content, so keep your eyes on the official social media accounts to know when to expect them.

The game also gives out more rewards if you follow the official X account and the leading developer’s YouTube (@FruitySama). You can claim these gifts by clicking the Settings button, pressing the Social Rewards button at the bottom right of the menu, and typing your X username and YouTube ID in the text box. 

What is All Star Tower Defense?

All Star Tower Defense is, as the name says, a Roblox tower defense game inspired by a number of popular anime franchises, such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Attack on Titan. The biggest appeal of the game is the ability to block the enemy’s attacks with the help of your favorite anime characters instead of the generic warriors you encounter in the more traditional tower games. Strategize and experiment with your characters’ unique skill sets, complete the journey through the story mode and keep leveling up and unlocking new exciting content. 

If you’re in the mood for more Roblox games, check out the rest of our Roblox Codes section to learn how to get more codes and freebies in other popular titles quickly. 

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