All Warhammer Tacticus Codes: Active and Expired (September 2023)

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Warhammer Tacticus codes are great for getting freebies with next to no effort. A tactical mobile game based on the world of Warhammer 40k, you’ll use various in-game currencies, upgrade materials, and tickets to obtain new characters, and things can get pricey if you start dropping real money into it. Thankfully, there’s a variety of vouchers available to ease the pain.

All Warhammer Tacticus Codes: Active and Expired (September 2023)

The Full List of Active Codes

  • TRENTON: 50 Blackstone, 1 Requisition Order (New)
  • ARJACPLUS: 10 Arjac shards (New)
  • 1TACTICUS1: 1 Requisition Order, 3650 Coins, 365 Blackstone, 52 Energy, 12 Raid tickets
  • WARHAMMER: Blackstone x200, Coins x3,000
  • AHEM: Blackstone x1
  • WELCOME: Blackstone x500
  • OOOAEAHOUOS: Blackstone x100, Coins x1,000
  • 27JUNEDOWNTIME: Blackstone x27, Salvage x27, Coins x2,700
  • LOBSTER: Calgar Shard x5, “Mutation: Scaly Skin” Uncommon Upgrade x3, Coins x777

In addition to the above Warhammer Tacticus codes, you also have your personal Refer-a-Friend code. It’s only one use, but it rewards Blackstone x100.

The Full List of Expired Codes

  • TYRANIDS: Blackstone and Coins
  • MAUGANTROUBLE: Blackstone x300
  • REDWHITEBLUE2023: Legendary Upgrade x3
  • AZHAIKU2023: Azrael Shard x5
  • WTHYAZ: Blackstone x50
  • DYLAN14: Marneus Calgar Shard x1
  • SRSBSNS: Common Combat Knife x1
  • SUMMON: Requisition Scroll x1
  • GALAXY: Blackstone x300, Coins x5,000
  • CAPS: Raid Ticket x5
  • SKULLS23: Blackstone x300, Coins x5,000, Requisition Scroll x1
  • T1FA5EAAC: Blackstone x100
  • SHOWFOMO: Azrael Shard x25
  • SQUIRRELSKULL: Salvage x25
  • FEELINGS: Uncommon Xenos Badge x2, Uncommon Imperial Badge x2
  • STUCK: Azrael Shard x5, Coins x1,000
  • SADPUPPY: Uncommon Imperial Badge x3, Ulf Shard x5
  • PREPARETHEWAY: Epic Master Crafter Bolt Pistol x1, Coins x1,000
  • SERVERWOES: Blackstone x300
  • EQUINOX2023: Kut Skoden Shard x10
  • LUCKYGREEN: Rare Item x3, Uncommon Weapon x1, Coins x3,000
  • STILLREADING: Uncommon Imperial Badge x1
  • FETTISDAGEN: Upgrade Parts
  • FETTISDAGEN2: Upgrade Parts
  • WOMENSDAY2023: Morvenn Vahl Shard x20, Celestine Shard x20, Isabella Shard x20
  • WITHFIRE: Blackstone x50, Rare Rose x3, Epic Rose x3
  • RABBIT: Common Xenos Badge x5
  • 1STQUIZ: Uncommon Badge x3
  • BEARDOREO: Rare Xenos Orbx1, Uncommon Gear x1, Common Gear x1
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS2022: Blackstone x50, Requisition Scroll x1, Orb x3
  • NAUGHTYSHOSYL: Common Xenos Badge x5
  • GOTY2022: Blackstone x200, Uncommon Xenos Badge x5
  • THANKFUL2022: Common Xenos Badge x5
  • SKULLS2022: Blackstone x50

How to Redeem Warhammer Tacticus Codes

Here’s how to redeem Warhammer Tacticus codes to receive your rewards:

  • Open Warhammer Tacticus
  • Select the Home button
  • Navigate to Settings via the gear icon
  • At the bottom of the screen will be the Input Code area
  • Enter Code and tap Redeem

Successfully claimed Warhammer Tacticus codes are sent to your in-game mailbox, located next to your power level. If the voucher doesn’t work, make sure you entered it correctly and that there’s no extra space at the beginning or end if you pasted it. If it’s all accurate, the voucher has expired, or you’ve already claimed it.

Those are all of the Warhammer Tacticus codes for now. We’re always keeping this list updated, so be sure to check back for those that are active and expired!

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