Batman: Arkham Origins Not Releasing On Next Gen Consoles

Batman: Arkham Origins Will Not Be Launching On Next Gen Consoles

A few days ago a tweet from Batman: Arkham Origins Senior Producer confirmed that the upcoming game will not be developed for the next gen consoles, so the Playstation 4 and Xbox One are out of luck. Despite the fact that this game will not see play in next gen consoles,  this sequel is awaited by many fans and I don't think they will be too disappointed to hold on to their current gen consoles in order to play it.

The Batman series has been a hit since the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was a fresh take on what a Batman game should be. Batman: Arkham City kept the legacy going by taking what Arkham Asylum did a step further. Now Batman: Arkham Origins promises to keep the momentum, being the first of the series to feature a multiplayer mode.


@plusch24 I can 100% confirm that Arkham Origins will only ship on the announced platforms. It is not coming to PS4 or Xbox One.

— Ben Mattes (@MoOk) August 15, 2013

Though it will not be coming to the next gen consoles Batman: Arkham Origins will be released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, and the PC on October 25th. There is also a spin-off game titled Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate which is set to release the same time as the main game for the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Vita.


Published Aug. 18th 2013
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