Lesson Learned: Never Order a Launch Day Edition Console from Amazon

Did you not get your PS4 Launch Bundle on Launch Day? Yeah, me neither. Amazon has lost another customer over this ridiculous situation.

In July, I purchased a PS4 Launch Bundle from Amazon. I don't know about you, but the PlayStation 4's asking price was a huge deal for me, and I scrimped and saved to be able to make the payment. This was to be a combination birthday/anniversary present for my boyfriend, as well as something I would do for work here at GameSkinny. 

Today was going to be a day of learning the PS4 interface and playing Killzone: Shadow FallContrast, and Resogun

Also as a point of reference, I live in a city with a very large Amazon distribution center. On a good day, if I really felt the urge, I could probably walk to where Amazon keeps stacks of goodies waiting to be delivered to paying customers. 

I've had to call twice today to find out that I am, in fact, not getting my Launch Bundle at Amazon. At least not today. This isn't just a problem because the first call center staffer told me, guaranteed me to the point of offering a refund if it wasn't true, that I would have my package delivered today. Nor is it a problem that a several-month, recurring system error on Amazon's end makes it so I can't track packages myself and have to call in. No, it's the fact that the second call informed me that my not getting the Launch Bundle on Day 1 was my fault. I'll probably get it tomorrow. 

This is a big deal for several reasons. One, I took time off from my primary job today so that I could write about Day 1 releases. Two, they didn't even ship the package until this morning, even though they said they wouldn't charge my account until they shipped, and they charged me yesterday. I know they didn't ship until today because the first call center employee told me so, and also they emailed me the shipping confirmation. If I had known that a Launch Bundle meant that they would ship it on Launch Day, I would've purchased my PS4 from ANY other retailer in my town. 

It's also a big deal because Amazon has informed me that I will need to be at my house to receive the package tomorrow. I wasn't going to be at my house tomorrow when a package would arrive. I have other obligations, which I will now have to reschedule because I ordered a Launch Day bundle from Amazon. 

Amazon has reiterated on the phone that this is "my fault," because I selected "standard shipping" on an object that was traveling less than 10 miles. I figure it's Amazon's problem for shipping an object the day that it was supposed to be delivered. 

Either way I will never order a Launch Day pre-order from Amazon again, and I'd honestly suggest you do the same. People say that Big Box stores are dead, but at least I know when I order something, it will be there when they say it will. 

Published Nov. 15th 2013
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